Twerking Toward a Guinness World Record

Credit: Fuse TV

**clutches pearls**

Welp, it appears that Miley “I Can’t Twerk to Save My Life” Cyrus did NOT kill the booty-shaking art form known as twerking.

In fact, enthusiasts and practitioners of the age-old dance that ABC News so clearly broke down for us are gathering to break a Guinness World Record.

Big Freedia, aka the Queen of Bounce, whom I name checked in a Keeping it 140 piece about the Cyrus fail is gathering twerkers of all ages and skill levels to Herald Square in New York City for an attempt to break a record.

It all goes down on Sept. 25, with about 250 participants expected to come shake what their mama gave them for 2 consecutive minutes.  It’s part of a launch to celebrate Big Freedia’s new reality series, “Big Freedia, Queen of Bounce,” set to air on Fuse TV.

JET will keep an eye on developments (just like every guy ogling Twerk Team on YouTube), but in the meantime, here are the complete deets HERE.

My only recommendation: Make sure Miley’s invite gets lost in the mail.