People Magazine Deletes Viola Davis Tweet

We have another case of the tweet-then-delete game. Only this is a game where no one is laughing. In fact, if this were the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club” we would easily serve People magazine the infamous “Donkey of The Day” award.

But, this is not that platform, so we will address the foolishness that came of the magazine’s live-tweeting gone bad excursion throughout the Shondaland Thursday night takeover, with respect.

While most of the world was thrilled to see Black women in powerful positions on prime-time television, i.e. Kerry Washington who, despite what People Mag had to say about her straight hair meaning business, looked radiant as Olivia Pope, and Viola Davis who portrays a law school professor on the new How To Get Away with Murder series, People Magazine thought it perfectly fine and hilarious might I add, to pigeonhole the Oscar–nominated actress to her role as a maid in 2012’s The Help.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, is posted below:

How ignorant and irresponsible. For one, the reference has absolutely nothing to do with her current character. The mere fact that the magazine’s social media manager felt it tasteful or a tad bit humorous to turn the spotlight away from a night of celebration and Black progression to an insult is disgusting.

My question, if you felt this way, why delete? Tweets are always watching, you know that. The backlash and embarrassment. Yes, we know it. This is just plain wrong.

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