Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Scandal

So I’m sure you’ve heard about Scandal from either your annoying friend who can’t stop telling you about what you’re missing or from the masses on Twitter spilling play by play while the episodes are airing.

“OMG Olivia is about to snap…#TeamOlivia”

or the ever so popular…

“Nobody text or call me, Scandal is on.”

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Who is this Olivia everyone keeps talking about?”

Well here’s the top 10 reasons why you should join #TeamScandal:

1. Black Woman in Charge: Who doesn’t like to see a Black woman taking charge? Scandal has Olivia Pope written all over it and she owns the screen.

2. Kerry Washington: Aside from her leading role, Kerry Washington always looks the part. Her fashion team will have you saying to yourself “I need that in my collection.”

3. Columbus Short: Need I say more?

4. Suspense: It comes as no surprise that the suspense from week to week is thick judging by the show’s title alone. Every episode is sure to have you coming back for more.

5. The Gladiators: When Olivia & Associates gets going, they don’t stop until you’re free of worry. Protecting and defending the public figures who need her help, Olivia and her crew has it all under control.

6. Slick Talking: It’s always fun to watch someone talk his or her way out of something. The skill of being so direct in hitting every point and covering every aspect of your argument even before the person thinks to form a reply, or better yet exhaust your statement. Well, that’s Scandal.

7. Secrets: What would you do if the biggest secret you had that you swore you would take to the grave has been revealed? Scandal premieres with Olivia’s secret as the talk of the nation.

8. Shock Factor: That moment you’re sitting trying to figure out who told the biggest of biggest secrets. Olivia is leaving to get in her car because at this point, the cat’s out the bag. She gets in the car as the show is winding down with only a minute remaining and her face looks shocked and puzzled. At the edge of your chair, the suspense is building because you don’t know why she is looking like this. Last thing you hear before Season 2 closes is her saying, “Dad.” Big coincidence or not? Season 3 shall reveal!

9. Pushes the Limit: Scandal covers just about every aspect of real life problems or situations you can just about think of. Some things include: homosexuality, corrupt politics, infidelity, affairs, betrayal, lust and even having a baby to keep your man. When I say it pushes the limits, it really does.

10. Scandal: If for nothing else, it’s Scandal based a true story with some added embellishments to add to the fire. Plus, you don’t want to be the only one out of the loop in the #TeamScandal fun anymore.

Scandal Season 3 Premiere October 3, 2013 10|9 c