Tiffney Cambridge: Game Time Is Over

Love and marriage isn’t as simple as it used to be— especially when your significant other is a Hip-Hop star. JET talks to Tiffney Cambridge, co-star of VH1’s popular reality series “Marrying the Game” (airs Mondays, 9:30 p.m. ET) about her biggest passions and this thing called love.

JET: There’s a lot of back and forth between you and your significant other, Game. What should people expect to see by the end of this season?

Tiffney Cambridge: You’ll see us working out our relationship issues. There are some conflicts that we have co-parenting the kids, but you see we can still be a family and I think a lot of people can draw a lot from that. You’ll see us going through some changes and at the end of the season you’ll definitely know where we stand.

JET: Are you back together?

Tiffney Cambridge: You have to watch until the end and see the process that we’re going through.

JET: You’re a mild-mannered teacher and he’s a boisterous rapper. You seem like opposites. What was your initial attraction?

Tiffney Cambridge: We do have a lot of things in common. I think one thing that drew us together is that we both have really outgoing personalities, it’s just some of the activities we like to do in our “outgoingness” are different. I think we started out really as friends, and that’s what drew us together, the friendship. I think through the drama we kind of lost that and we’re trying to get that back.

JET: You seem like you’d travel in different circles. How did you meet?

Tiffney Cambridge: We met through a mutual friend, but we would see each other out on the Los Angeles party circuit. And we were introduced and followed it up by seeing each other.

JET: What made you decide to date him?

Tiffney Cambridge: It really wasn’t a decision to date. We started out as friends and one thing led to another. Before you know it, we were attached to each other. Now, nine years later, here were stand.

JET: On the show this season you mention that you’re older than him and helped him grow. What’s the age difference, and how does it impact your relationship?

Tiffney Cambridge: I’m five years older than him. I think because he’s younger than I am, he still has some things to get out of his system— and guys just naturally mature slower than women. I’m at the point in my life where I’ve pretty much been there done that. I’m more settled, relaxed and calm in the way I carry myself and get down. Jay (Games) is still kind of young and still has some growing up to do. It’s a process. Sometimes I feel like I’m ahead of him and I have to pull him up.

JET: Fans often only see you expressing your frustration about your relationship. What else do you want them to know about you?

Tiffney Cambridge: I’m really down to earth and an around the way girl. I’m a mother, a teacher and really stay true to myself and the things I believe in. I try to do right by people. I think through this season you get to see my personality beyond Jayceon. You get to see my projects I’m working on, like children’s books. I’m also a real big supporter of breast cancer. My grandmother and mother both passed from breast cancer. My godmother has a foundation, The Denise Roberts Foundation, and I’m the chairperson. It encourages minority women to have mammograms and promotes early detection.

JET: This season we see you guys really talking about making co-parenting work, regardless of how you’re getting along with Game. What lessons do you want fans to take away?

Tiffney Cambridge: I think it’s important that even if the relationship doesn’t work out, the parents should be able to spend some time together as a family. But if that isn’t possible, it’s important for the kids to spend time with each parent.

JET: We also see you speaking very candidly to your 6-year-old son about your relationship. Can kids know too much?

Tiffney Cambridge: I think that honesty is always the best. At this point Justice (6) and Cali (3) know it’s mommy’s house and daddy’s house, and they’re cool with that. They don’t see it as a separation. But Justice would like us all to be together, so we’ll see. We just want to put them in the best situation possible. Jay and I are still working on that. It’s not that it’s totally out of the question. Both of us are working towards that, but at the same time if we’re going to argue and fuss and not be at a happy place with each other the kids will see that too.