The Scandals of Scandal

Attention all Gladiators! It’s only a few weeks before the start of season three of ABC’s hit series, Scandal. As a result the buzz has been deafening as fans anticipate the return of TV’s favorite fixer Olivia Pope and her team. While the show has been grabbing its fair share of headlines, so have its stars–but not all for the right reasons. Here are the real-life troubles the various members of Scandal have been embroiled in at some point or other.



Soon after season two ended, Washington had become one of Hollywood’s hottest singles, gracing cover after cover. But the powerful actress caused quite a stir this past summer when it was revealed that she secretly married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. Prior to that, Washington was said to have been “banned” from the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama, who allegedly felt the starlet was “too flirty” with President Barack Obama. White House officials were quick to say that the claims were 100-percent false.



According to Star, the intense on-screen chemistry between Goldwyn and his co-star Washington is too much for his real-life wife, Jane Musky. In June, the tabloid alleged that Musky visited the set numerous times due to suspicions that the actors were turning their fictional love affair into reality. Despite citing a secret “source,” there has been no documented proof of any funny business between Goldwyn and Washington.



As Harrison Wright, Short is Olivia Pope’s rock. But according to recent rumors, the actor couldn’t play the same role for his first wife, Brandi Short. The two split in 2003 after the former background singer is said to have had an affair with Britney Spears while Brandi was eight months pregnant. Now Short is headed toward split number two as his current wife, Tanee McCall-Short, filed for divorce in September. Reports say that McCall cheated on Short with one of his best friends.



In the world of Scandal, tragedies can happen at every moment, especially when Huck is involved. But when rumors circulated that Diaz had mysteriously died, the news hit a little bit too close to home. Thankfully, those reports proved to be nothing more than an Internet hoax in poor taste.