SNL Skit Tackles Black History Month

Saturday Night Live kicked off February and Black History Month by having "28 Reasons to Hug a Black Guy" video

Sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live kicked off February and Black History Month with a rather questionable skit on Saturday.

Three of the show’s Black cast members – Jay Pharoah, Kenan Thompson, and newcomer Sasheer Zamata – rapped to a song titled “28 Reasons to Hug A Black Guy.”

In the video, the threesome plays students who are asked to give a special presentation to the rest of the class about Black History Month. What follows next is a whole bunch of craziness that left Black Twitter none too happy with what they witnessed.

Spoiler alert: most of the reasons had to do with slavery.

Check out the SNL skit below and let us know what you think:

  • Gina hall

    If we were far removed from many of the attitudes and practices of that era it might be funny, but since we still face much of the underlined racial tones, tension and discriminations today I personally just didn't find the humor in it. It's easier to laugh when you didn't feel the whip, the dog bite, water hose, rope around your neck or gun to your chest. I could go on. My generation!!!!

  • I thought the skit was funny. It could be seen as a preemptive strike against all the slavery naysayers, those who tell us to 'get over it' and those people who continue to question the need for a Black History month.

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