‘Scandal’ Recap: YOLO

Welcome back, Gladiators! Two weeks ago, things got pretty intense on Scandal. Not only did Olivia and Fitz have a breakthrough, but also she gets the shock of her life when she is on her way home. Out of the shadows of the darkness appears her mother who all these years she thought was dead. As if that’s not enough, Quinn is still working for Olivia, while Huck has finally put the pieces together that she is actually a part of B6-13.

This week’s episode opens with classic Huck in killer mode and his victim…Quinn, who is naked and wrapped in duct tape on a plastic cloth for easy cleanup. Ignoring her screams, Huck begins some uh, dental work, by pulling out her teeth.

Shortly afterward, we see Sally talking to her campaign manager and he gives her an ultimatum to ”Drop her allegiance to Jesus and pledge it to politics.” Determined to become the first woman president, she decides to go with politics, abandon her faith and proclaim she’s pro-life.

On the Run

With Rowan hot on her trails, Olivia is frightened by her mom’s presence  and calls Huck for guidance. He ceases his dental torture and signals Olivia to get to the safe house and wait for him. Now that the crew has all made it there safely, Jake and Huck find out what has happened and immediately cut the tracking device out of Mama Pope’s neck. Ouch! The team then moves to another location while Charlie and Rowan are not too far behind.

Staying true to Olivia’s style of fixing, she always finds a way to help her clients. She figures out an exit strategy to get her mom to safety complete with a new identity and help from the president. Always thinking ahead, Rowan has placed her mother’s picture and identity on the “no fly list” preventing her from going through customs. But helping his lover, Fitz has got it all handled.


Throughout the episode, we see Olivia recalling bits and pieces of the day her mom left when she was a little girl. Cluing in on phone conversations that she at the time overlooked, Olivia begins to question her mother. Supposedly when her mother found out about Rowan’s lifestyle, she was on her way to meet a reporter to out her husband’s business. But Rowan had her taken off of the plane and imprisoned for 22 years. Olivia then remembers answering the phone the final time and hearing the person call her Marie. Coincidentally, that was the same name her dad used when putting her on the “no fly list.” Looks like Mama Pope may not be so innocent after all.

After placing her mother on the plane, Olivia realizes there is more to her mother than she knows. Not to mention, her father may have actually been protecting her from her mother but from what is the question?

Killer Huck

Ultimately Quinn, tells Huck what she can do to get him to stop torturing her. Later we see Charlie coming to her rescue as boyfriend and savior thinking Quinn is definitely down with B6-13 now. But Quinn and Huck have already devised a plan to get close to Rowan. Who better to get directly to the source than the newest recruit? Following the plan exactly as expected, Charlie takes the bait and walks her clean into Rowan’s office. Quinn definitely has a hidden agenda and it’s not in Rowan’s favor.

Cyrus’s Leading Man

Devastated by the low blows James keeps throwing around, Cyrus realizes his plan to dig up dirt on the vice president’s husband has backfired. Completely devastated, Cyrus finally confronts James, who is already disappointed in the fact that his husband used him yet again and demands a divorce.

Not trying to hear any of that, Cyrus tells him, “You’re not going anywhere, you never do.” Woah! Cyrus knows he isn’t going anywhere with pictures of James and Daniel having sex and risk losing his child in a custody battle. Taking it a step further, Cyrus takes the pictures to Sally hoping it will get her to stop running; however that too backfires on him. Sally is highly aware that Cyrus would never leak the pictures knowing this would not only hurt James, but Fitz’s re-election as well with another sexual scandal in his cabinet.

Line of the Night: “Must be nice letting other people fight your battles,” says Jake as he goes to Fitz for help. Fitz was not in compliance with helping Jake become Olivia’s hero and more so wanted to wait until the right time. Not to mention this applies to Cyrus with the idea that he always has someone fighting his battles and doing his dirty work. He doesn’t care who it is; he will cross you in a minute. He even used Olivia against herself to get ahead. Furthermore, Olivia’s mother is the ultimate person this line pertains to with her decision to use her daughter to take out Rowan. Playing on her daughter’s emotions, her mom gives her the ultimatum that in order for them to be together freely, Rowan has to be dead.

(Side note: Am I the only one who noticed Olivia’s new wardrobe always consists of a coat. Are we hiding a baby bump Ms. Washington?)

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