‘Scandal’ Recap: Vermont is for Lovers, Too

On the last episode of Scandal, we found out that Olivia’s mom is, in fact, alive and living in a cell under a man’s alias. Meanwhile, Olivia and her crew are getting extremely close in their pursuit to find out what actually happened to her. Not to mention, Quinn was initiated into B-613 with the help of her disguised recruiter Charlie.

Mama Pope Lives

This week’s episode picks up right where we left off: with Rowan aka Command coming to inform Mama Pope that their daughter has been asking about her. He quickly devises a plan to move her far, far away–basically to never to be seen or heard from again. After being locked up for 20 years, she asks if he could at least do her the favor of letting her see her daughter before she is shipped away again. But Rowan leaves her with a harsh “no” as she screams in the midst of his pursuit, “Eli.”

Quinn Under Pressure

Knowing she was the person who killed the security guard who holds the answers to Mama Pope’s mysterious disappearance, Quinn must return to work as though nothing is wrong. Jumping the gun on trying to keep the truth from the gang, she is beating everyone to the punch and looking somewhat suspicious while she does it.

Now becoming the spy, Rowan is advising she check in all the time with an update on the office. If she is caught, Charlie has orders to act accordingly. Sounds to me like that’s code for “take her out,” if you know what I mean. Running out of options, Huck is about to find out it was Quinn and she is in a panic. Coming home after a day’s work, she finds her picture on the floor and realizes Huck has finally put the pieces together. Glancing at his set up, she knows what’s in store.

Josie Marcus Campaign

After her mom’s confidential campaign files are supposedly stolen from their home, Candace takes matters in her own hands and takes it to the press–despite orders to stay silent from Pope & Associates. She goes on TV to accuse one of their opponents and, lo and behold, she is right. Surprise, surprise. But you’ll never guess who she’s sleeping with…

Abby catches on to the truth (that Candace is behind the elaborate set-up scheme) and calls to inform Harrison, who just so happens to be waking up next to Josie’s sister-daughter. Woah! Everybody is hooking up on this show. After the truth is revealed, Josie makes a bold move to protect her daughter and drops out of the race for president.

Oh No, She Didn’t!

Sitting in a cell plotting, Mama Pope is seen sitting at the bars of her cell biting her flesh as she gushes blood from her mouth and hands making a mess on the floor. Whoa! After being hospitalized, Rowan comes to show her a recent picture of their daughter. He leaves ready to ship her off when to his surprise, he returns to find the doctor dead on the floor and her nowhere to be found.

White House Scheming

No episode of Scandal is complete without Cyrus and Mellie scheming behind the scenes. The two are planning to get the vice president’s husband, Daniel, to make a pass at Cyrus’s husband, James, and arrange for them to meet under the premise of a story for the D.C. Times. However, Cyrus persuades James to have a more causal set-up to get Daniel up. Be careful what you wish for…

Mellie’s already dropped hints that Cyrus and James have an open marriage, so when Daniel sees an opportunity to make a pass at James, he goes for it. James realizes he’s been set up and, well, you can imagine what happens next. Revenge cheating, anyone? At least, that’s what it looks like according to picture messages Cyrus receives on his phone. Karma is a you-know-what.

Fitz and Olivia At it Again

Trying to hash things out, Fitz calls and sets up arrangements to figure out why Olivia kept the secret that her father was Rowan. Meeting up at a secret lodge, they’re both looking for answers, but Fitz finally drops some news on her. The house he brought her to is in fact the home he had built for them to spend a life together. Whaaat?!

As Fitz tells her he just wanted her to see it one time before he sells it, Olivia runs into his arms and kisses him. Are sparks flying again? The very passionate nightcap for the two (shout out to Ava DuVernay for her marvelous directing skills on this episode!) leaves Mellie on edge. (Alright Shonda, perfect way to work a pregnancy into the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the night Olivia and Fitz conceive.)

Both agreeing they want answers from Rowan, Fitz informs Olivia that he is going after her dad and she is not looking to stop him. Fitz tells her he loves her and, as she makes her way out the door, Olivia professes her love for the president by telling him not to sell the house yet. To be continued…in two weeks! Ugh, we can’t stand the wait.

Closing the show, we see Olivia walking home when out from behind her, she hears a familiar voice calling her name. She turns around to see her mother standing in the shadows. Yes, the same mother she thought was dead all these years. The look on her face says it all.

Line of the night: “My husband is not your husband,” Cyrus says to Mellie as she tries to prevent him from going down that road. She knows firsthand how it feels for your husband to step out with someone else, so she doesn’t feel he should voluntarily push him to it by using him as a pawn. Judging by the look on his face when he received the pictures of James and Daniel together, maybe he’s more like Fitz than he thought.

Your Turn: Do you think Olivia’s initial shock will turn to anger once she processes the fact that her mother is actually alive? We can’t wait to find out the real story behind Mama Pope!