“Scandal” Recap: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Sexting senators, Mellie mouthing off and more details about the mysterious Operation Remington dominated this week’s episode of ABC’s Scandal.  The plot thickens in the military cover-up that seems to be occupying President Fitz and even bringing Jake and Huck together in a potential alliance to bring down Olivia’s powerful, and punitive, dad.  Overall, we didn’t learn much about Remington other than that it involved a secret mission by the man Huck killed last week and made it look like a suicide.  Clearly, this slain man meant something to Fitz who made sure he was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery with all the pomp and circumstance and even showed up for the funeral.  The fun even ended with a face-off between the Commander-in-Chief and Liv’s pops.  Cannot wait to see what happens in that meeting, but until then, here’s what popped in “Say Hello to My Little Friend.”

Candid Camera

Wow, Anthony Weiner could not catch a break this week!  First, the failed real-life politician is pilloried in the ripped-from-the-headlines juggernaut Law & Order: SVU and then Scandal put the final nail in his pervy persona via a married Senator who not only sexted strangers, but actually stood accused of killing one.  Liv and crew — motivated by needing the money– tried to cover his slimy tracks initially by claiming the pol only slipped once, but as more women stepped up and the number of his transgressions increased, so did the team’s trust in his innocence.  It took all of Olivia’s convincing to get his high-powered, and humiliated wife, to take the stand and condemn him as a cad, but not a murderer.

B-613 Break Up

Initially, it looked like Team Fitz T prevailed over Team Jake. Olivia wanted no parts of her rescued new beau, due to his shadowy connection to her devious dad. In fact, the shaken Gladiator urged him to get out of her life, barking that she wanted to stay out of the shadows of her father’s operation and in fact, would even go back to their daddy/daughter Sunday dinners.  Jake looked absolutely destroyed, having made it from horrible torture back into her arms to back into the cold in three swift moves.   Ol’ boy couldn’t even get a kiss goodbye from ‘Liv.  Talk about ice cold.  Luckily (for him, at least)  she was back in his arms by the end of the ep.  Fitz’s brief c-blocking call did little to kill the mood.

But just as Olivia didn’t the president who was visiting her, Fitz didn’t tell her who he was going to visit.

“It’s a well overdue reunion,” says Fitz as he barges through the doors of Rowans office. It’s about time someone barged in on Rowan instead of the other way around as Mr. Pope is known for his surprise visits.

**Mouth Drops**

Guest Who

As a wayback Friends fan, it was refreshing to see Lisa Kudrow on the show as a Sarah Palin-like Democratic Congresswoman who ended up in First Lady Mellie’s crosshairs.  The new addition’s quips about loving “fried Twinkies” and Fitz needing to get control of his “cobra” added some light humor to an otherwise dark episode that later divulged the sketchy Senator did NOT actually kill his texting lover, his wife did.

“You weren’t your husband’s alibi, he was yours,” says Olivia.

Yes ma’am.  The long-suffering spouse pulls a total Keyser Soze and skates.  Well, the White hats didn’t win this round.

Wine Country

Even though it’s Huck who attends Alcoholic Anonymous meetings under the guise he is addicted to alcohol, rather than assassinating, he might want to ask Olivia if she wants to tag along.  The way she’s been downing the wine of late, I’m worried she might end up in somebody’s rehab.

Line of the Night: “Stop being interested. Stop asking questions. Stop, while you still can,” says Huck as he warns Quinn that she won’t be able to handle the answers. However the intrigued Quinn, who is living vicariously through Huck, wants to know more.

This also applies to Jake with his determination to bring down Command. Olivia tells him up front that she no longer wants to ask questions or know anything because she knows what her father is capable of. She warns Jake to drop it as well, but he isn’t stopping there.

What did you think of the most recent Scandal?  Are you buying Baby Huck wanting to go from hacking to possibly emulating her idol in killing?  Do you think Jake could be a real match for Olivia?  What the hell is Operation Remington about? And how bad was Mellie’s foot-in-mouth mistake?  Did that seem like a slip that would happen to one of the most cunning inhabitants of the White House?