‘Scandal’ Recap: Icarus

Last week on Scandal, things got real for Olivia when she was hit with the news that her star-crossed lover, Fitz, may actually be the person who killed her mother. With Jake and Huck’s relentless digging, they find out that Fitz shot down the plane her mom was traveling on but now the question is: was it intentional or not?

Opening with a distraught Olivia trying to gather her thoughts, we see a flashback of her with her mom (played by Khandi Alexander) surfaces. Ironically she’s saying goodbye and watching her mother, who is airport bound, head out into a  stark white abyss.

Meanwhile, it looks like Vice President Sally Langston is joining the presidential races as well. Can’t say we didn’t see that coming!

Drama boils over as Olivia confronts Fitz at the White House. Mellie thinks they have gotten her back on board to win the campaign, but they soon find that Olivia has had a change of heart. It appears Josie Marcus has a new campaign manager– again. But it doesn’t stop there. Rowan gets a call from his daughter who is shaken up by all the news. He grants her one question to ask whatever she wants, but Olivia is not sold by his answer that he didn’t have her mom killed. She tries to ask more questions, but as he declines to answer she cuts the call short and leaves him with the dial tone.

Look out, Jake; Rowan is on to you now.

Campaign Trail: As Olivia and team jump into full swing on Josie’s campaign, they are all running in full force. All besides Baby Huck who recently acquired a gun and is making pit stops at the gun range. (Oh Lord, what is she getting herself into??) Meanwhile, Cyrus gives Harrison a call to stop them from backing Josie and it looks like he is using a bit of blackmail to get his point across.

Finally we see Harrison’s story come to life. Sounds like there is a hit out on him and with Cyrus threatening to bring the mystery man back into the country, Harrison panics and turns to Huck for help.

Elsewhere, Josie’s campaign just got a dash of sass as she finally puts a little attitude in her Perfect Patty image. Cha-Ching! Olivia manages to get the needed endorsements to help strengthen this campaign. Another win for Olivia and Associates.

Target Practice: Quinn is really working on her shot. Continuing to go to the range, she gets some help from Charlie on her aim and she is slowly getting the hang of it. Looks like Baby Huck may have a new partner, but this may be a set up. Perhaps Rowan is behind this little trap.  Is this a recruitment of Quinn into B6-13? I think Olivia may have a problem on her hands!

Sally Steps Up: Trying to undermine the president, Sally steps up from the background about her secret campaign. Mellie, of course, does not like the sound of this and she’s got a plan of her own. Known to prey on people’s weaknesses, Mellie decides to use the veep’s husband. She has peeped his wandering eye and she knows Sally is not too fond of it. I sense payback in the making.

Backup: In an effort to win back Olivia’s heart, Jake promises to get her more information about Operation Remington. While he’s out digging up info for Olivia to further give her answers, it looks like Fitz secretly had his back. Trying to trust an old friend, Jake soon realizes that the secret meet-up was intended to be his death sentence. But luckily, Fitz sent a Secret Service man to watch over Jake. Good thing he did, because just seconds before Jake could have been killed, the secret serviceman steps out  from behind him and shoots the woman in the head.

Harrison Fires Back: Look out Cyrus, Harrison’s not afraid of you. Making a personal visit, Harrison drops by on Cyrus to let him know that he seriously doesn’t want to go there bringing the baddie back to the U.S.  But do you think that stopped Cyrus, the super snake? Of course not, as soon as Harrison left, he made some calls to get the man a visa and a way back into the country. I guess we have to brace ourselves for the outcome of this.

No Justice, No Peace: While everybody is boldly dropping in on people, Fitz does so himself as he makes a trip to Olivia’s home but she’s not trying to hear any of what he is saying. She does, however, give him the opportunity to come clean after dropping the bomb on him that her mother was on the plane that he shot down. But the president doesn’t budge and continues to say he doesn’t know what she is talking about. That’s cold, Fitz. This is her mother, after all! And so Olivia kicks him out.

Line of the Night: “Is there a line you won’t cross?” Candace (Josie’s sister/daughter) asks Abby. This is such a pivotal line for this week for several reasons. Olivia points out she was 12 years old when her mom died. We can’t help but wonder; how old was Fitz during this time?

It also raises the question of whether Rowan’s job was more important than his family. With Quinn, we ask what line will her curiosity make her cross? (After all, we see she has become a pawn in Rowan’s games). Also in a surprising twist, it raises a question about Olivia’s mom, whom I suspect may not even be dead. In the opening scene, she lingers in her hug and leaves her daughter with a goodbye instead of the usual see you later. Sounds to me like she knew what was coming.

So the real question is, did she choose fake death over her daughter? Let us know what you think in the comments!