Scandal Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Tonight on Scandal was all about Rowan Pope and now we see how everything comes to play.

Starting with a flashback of Olivia and her dad trying to bond, we get a glimpse of Huck and his meet-and-greet with Olivia as she’s being mugged on a subway platform. He definitely doesn’t look like the Huck we’re used to seeing though.

Saving her life, she began to befriend this sweet homeless man who turns out to be a member of the secret CIA assassination group, B-613.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing at the White House. Mellie, the first lady, is showing that she is really not going down without a fight–even if it means dragging an innocent intern down to do so. However, Olivia is showing that Mellie is no match for her. With her and Fitz teaming together to stop Mellie and Cyrus’s little schemes, Olivia is showing no mercy with Fitz backing her by saying, “Go for the jugular.”

But wait, did anyone miss Mellie getting slandered on network news? Hilarious! Finally, she gets a dose of her own medicine!

But what’s going on here? Is Olivia still hung up on Jake? After using Huck’s inside info into B-613, she is now convinced he may be alive and, of course, her dad is definitely behind it.

The flashbacks are showing that Olivia disowned her father all this time because he is the head of the secret assassination group. So Huck knew him all along, but it took Quinn’s digging to uncover the truth about how high up her dad actually was. It gets intense rather quickly after that with Huck slamming Olivia up against the car choking her. Is this the beginning of the end of Huck and Olivia’s bond? He is definitely not happy about this news.

Rowan is certainly showing he is running the show. He even rubs it in Olivia’s face with his “We’re family, we’re never done.” Talk about going there. He is letting her know no matter what, he will always be her dad and that’s something she can never change. With their Sunday dinner dates back on, Olivia gets a surprise knock at the door…Jake is back! This should be really interesting!

Line of the night: “How presidential are my balls now?” Fitz asked Cyrus before a press conference at the White House. He’s been on a rampage lately with his funny little one-liners. We are certainly starting to see him take charge and put Mellie and Cyrus in their place. As he put it, “Try me,” showing he is no way playing with them. LOVE IT!!

Your Turn: Is Jake’s return going to cause some problems with Fitz and Olivia? Will these dinner dates with her dad start a world of trouble? What does losing this case mean for Olivia & Associates since Fitz publicly lied to help Jake?

Bonus: Check out Taylor Mallory’s song “Olivia Pope” here.