‘Scandal’ Recap: Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

Last week on Scandal tempers were flaring as Olivia demanded answers about Operation Remington, but Fitz refused to budge. The one man she thought she could trust quickly was beginning to be her enemy. She jumped on the campaign trail…but this time to help Democratic presidential hopeful Josie Marcus. Meanwhile, Olivia’s team is spiraling into trouble themselves as Quinn has met a new friend, Harrison may be in more than a bit of trouble, and Huck is partnered with Jake for the take down of B6-13.

In the Beginning

This episode, we’re treated to a flashback of Mellie and Fitz in love, an introduction to Cyrus (with a beard?!) and a glimpse of what’s really important to Mellie. Fitz’s dad is actively down his throat to run a gubernatorial campaign with his war hero credit, but Fitz is completely against it.

Jumping to the present, we see Olivia ready to leave the house with some real determination in her face (and step). Was I the only one who noticed that amazing coat she was wearing? Naw, I know I wasn’t.  Fitz interrupts her on the way out to try to warn her to leave Jake alone, but she is at a point where she doesn’t know who to trust. Enlisting the help of the team, Olivia Pope & Associates takes on a new client: Olivia’s mom. She lets them know the story so they can actively start digging and finding the answers she so desperately wants.

Love Connection

Still on the prowl for getting into the B6-13 action, Quinn spies on Charlie as he is gearing up for a mission and, of course, he spots her. Switching things up, he grabs her forcefully in to give her a passionate kiss and asks her out on a date. Taking her out on a run, he sets her up for the kill…literally. After accidentally killing, rather than just debilitating a security guard, she rushes out and attempts to call Huck for help, when Charlie appears from the dark to initiate her into B6-13. Uh-oh.

More on  Mellie

As we continue to jump back and forth between the beginning of Mellie and Fitz’s journey to the White House and present time, where the first lady is conducting a hard hitting news interview to regain public favor, we learn more and more about his father. Trying to control his son’s every move, he was the person who helped cover Fitz’s tracks when he shot down the plane. Now feeling like Fitz owes him, he wants him to do what he says and that’s that. But that’s not all, Mellie’s tries to figure out what is causing the tension between them and she gets more than she bargained for. Her father drops the secret on her and takes it further as he rapes her, which is just downright disgusting. No woman should ever have to experience that!

Covering up the truth, she doesn’t tell Fitz what happened and instead uses it to blackmail his father into being there for Fitz and apologizing. (Talk about disgrace! Who uses their body for gain? Was she really that power hungry that she wouldn’t confide in her husband to tell him about what happened?) But Mellie ends up pregnant and while Fitz is sure it’s his, I’m convinced it’s none other than his father’s. We’ll have to wait to find out for sure.

Together They Can

Modern-day Mellie and Fitz are certainly taking a turn for the good in this episode. Getting the support she always wanted, Fitz steps up and defends her as they campaign to a second term. Showing how much they want this, they put their differences aside and team up for a moment. But how long until Fitz discovers the truth about his father?

Mama Pope Lives

Just as I suspected last week, something was not sitting well with me about Olivia’s mom goodbye. Going to confide in her about the details, Rowan makes his way to a secret lock-up where supposedly a man was being held. However ,when he sat to face the bed with the person buried beneath the covers, he lets HER know their daughter is looking for her. Lo and behold, out pops Mama Pope. (I knew it! I knew it!)

Rowan tried his best to stop Olivia from digging, but it’s only a matter of time before Olivia realizes her mother is still alive. Talk about drama. I need an explanation just as much as Olivia.

Line of the Night: “Our daughter’s been asking about you,” said Rowan to her mother as he comes to confide in her. This was by far the jaw-dropping moment for the night as everyone was shocked to see her mother come from the covers. Talk about sad. How do you leave your daughter at 12 years old without any explanation? Honestly, there is no real explanation she can give for why she did it and now Olivia really won’t know whom to trust.

Now the big question is was Rowan protecting her mother or holding her hostage? Let us know your theory in the comments!