‘Scandal’ Recap: More Cattle, Less Bull

Previously on Scandal, we found out that Fitz might have actually played a part in Operation Remington. But as last week’s episode ended, we saw him entering the doors to Rowan’s office looking like he means business. But can he stop B6-13? From the look on Cyrus’s face every time the president even talks about it, I’m thinking he may be out of his league with that one.

Meanwhile this week’s episode opens with the suspense building as the new trio springs into action. While seconds are ticking away as Rowan makes his way back home, Jake is trapped inside the powerful man’s office trying to copy every file from his computer. This was a rather dangerous move for Jake as he is cornered on the opposite side of the door as Rowan walks in just barely missing him hiding in the shadows. Close call, right? Wrong! Rowan knows someone is phishing for info, but does he know it’s Jake?

Olivia vs. Fitz 

Interesting twist to see the two lovebirds going up against each other. However, now that Olivia doesn’t work for the White House, Congresswoman Josephine Marcus enlists Ms. Pope’s help in her campaign to the presidency. Beating out all of the competition, she hires Olivia on the spot because she not only wants her as her campaign manager, but she wants her to fix a problem.

$10,000 Secret 

Seriously, how much does it cost to keep a secret? With Olivia and Associates on the case, they are all over the brewing scandal that the new Democratic candidate had a baby when she was 15 years old. She claims to have given the baby up for adoption, but the team soon finds out that her mystery child is actually her 30-year-old “little sister”! Say what?! Olivia confronts Josephine and tells her to come clean before the White House tears her to shreds in the debates. Josephine quickly lets Olivia know that she wants to win, but not that bad and not at her sister/daughter’s expense.

Cat’s Out The Bag

Lo and behold, it happens just as Olivia predicts and Josephine is left with no other choice but to tell the world her secret as her sister/daughter Candace stands gazing on from the sidelines. Houston, we have a problem. Candace doesn’t like the sound of this as she puts the pieces together to her family mystery.  “I just destroyed the most important relationship in my life, I’m glad you found that beautiful,” Josephine tells Olivia. “You’re fired!” Welp, so much for that particular paycheck.

Surprise Olivia 

Just when Olivia musters up the courage to attend the House Correspondents’ Dinner, she asks Jake to accompany her. There she locks eyes with Fitz showing her true reason for attending. Just as she gets settled in her chair, she receives the signal from the Secret Service to escape into the corridors to the presidential suite.

But who else steps out of the shadows but Mellie, surprise! At first, Mellie is striking low blows, but she quickly changes her act and begs Olivia to come back to the White House and help Fitz win re-election. Basically pouring her heart out, she reveals to Olivia that Fitz needs her. She essentially wants her to come back and do the job she can’t do: make Fitz happy.  Plucking on her heartstrings, from the looks of things, Olivia is all in. But wait, Olivia is just forgetting about poor Jake. No worries though, Jake is no fool. As the night ends and they make their way out, he whistles for a cab to cut this date short. He basically lets Olivia know in so many words that he comes second to no man, not even the President.  **Madea voice** Hello!

Unidentified Passenger 

Meanwhile, waiting for Jake to return home after his eventful evening, Huck is seated on the floor, mind spinning from some more info on Operation Remington. Looks like Mr. President may not be too innocent after all. Huck finds out that Fitz was the person who shot down a passenger plane and when he checked the passenger list, there was one name that was not so easily identifiable, Mary Lewis. Ms. Lewis refused to change her name after she was married, but if she would have, it would read ‘Mary Pope.’   *Mouth Drops, Throws Remote, Jumps Up Off the Couch*

So basically, Fitz supposedly killed Olivia’s mom. I sense hell about to break loose. Shonda got me right there. I was definitely not expecting that.

Line of the Night

Olivia Pope, the gift that keeps on giving,” says Cyrus as he watches Josephine address the pregnancy issue that he was sure was going to destroy her. DOUBLE MEANING: Cyrus’s statement may also be true in real life as it’s being reported that Kerry Washington may actually have a new gift to give.

Your Turn: What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you think this is the end of Olivia and Fitz?  Could he really have killed her mother, and why?