Scandal Countdown: Meet the Gladiators

Two entire seasons of the ABC hit show have passed and the network is gearing up for next one, which will premiere October 3. Just in case you’re still trying to catch up or just need a refresher, here’s a who’s who list from the cast of Scandal.


Olivia Pope

The former White House employee, who branched out to begin her own firm, is the absolute best fixer in the nation’s capital. But when it comes to solving her own issues, she often falls flat.


Harrison Wright

Employed by Olivia Pope & Associates, this gladiator is the true definition of ride or die. He never questions the boss, and some have even dubbed him the male version of Olivia Pope, minus the romantic entanglements.



Likely the most touching story captured so far, the marine veteran provides a horrifying glimpse of the dark side of the CIA. Struggling to overcome his peculiar addiction for killing, Huck is easily an easily audience favorite.


Fitzgerald Grant

Meet the President of the United States. The leader of the free world teeter tots between his wife and the “love of his life,” Ms. Olivia Pope. Now that the secret is out, what will he do now?


Mellie Grant

The wife of Mr. President, Mellie, is well aware of her husband’s affair. The manipulative and feisty first lady is always one step ahead of the game and usually knows exactly what to do to steer Fitz back to her side.


Quinn Perkins

Formerly known as Lindsey Dwyer, the newest member of the Olivia Pope gang is a quick learner, who’s been training under Huck. From a confused and scared newbie to a sharp and confident investigator, Quinn has had one fascinating transformation.


Abby Whelan

After letting one of her snarky, opinionated comments about the latest client, this gladiator often has to be reminded that Olivia Pope & Associates is a judge-free zone. Just like all of the her co-workers, she too has been saved by the boss from her own crisis – an abusive marriage.

Cyrus gladiator

Cyrus Beene

Not only is he the Chief of Staff, Cyrus is also the President’s right hand man. He often juggles keeping Fitz on the straight and narrow and keeping his journalist husband from reporting the secrets of the White House.