Recap: ‘Love and Hip Hop’ New York

Last week on Love and Hip Hop: New York, Peter Gunz revealed to his baby mother, Tara, that he was in a relationship with the artist he was managing, Amina. But he left out one minor detail (okay, it was major) from his confession – the fact that he married the girl. To make up for her hubby’s absent-mindedness, Amina brought Tara up to speed and Tara brought her fist up to Amina’s face. Ouch! Well, the punches kept flying in this week’s episode. Catch up on what happened…


One of the worst things to do when going through a break-up is to sit at home and sulk. Well, that’s what Tara did, and it led her to pull a Waiting to Exhale. After balling her eyes out, she raced to the closet  to tear up all off Peter’s clothes. She even damaged his musical equipment, too. After her rage, she took pictures of the destruction and sent it to Peter. (We probably wouldn’t have created evidence like that, but that’s another story.) All Tara needed to do next was throw the damaged goods into Peter’s car and set it ablaze. She didn’t do that though. Instead, she invited him over to pick up his new rags and kicked him out for good. Let’s hope Tara stays true to her promise.


When Saigon told Erica Jean he wanted to take a paternity test, she initially flipped. But after letting the idea marinated, she felt it would be the only shot at creating a real family for her son. Saigon wanted the big reveal to happen at his birthday bash. Why? We don’t know. When Erica arrived, he pulled her aside, so they could read the results together. In the case of Erica Jean’s baby boy…Saigon, you ARE the father. No, the couple didn’t make an appearance on The Maury Show, but the rapper certainly had a lot more to celebrate at his party after seeing the results.


After Tahiry found a hair in her bed while she was in the middle of a serious conversation with her boyfriend, Joe Budden, she decided to attend one last therapy session. The feisty Tahiry poured out her to Joe, exclaiming that it was completely unacceptable to invite another one into their bed. Joe just sat there nonchalantly as if he were completely faultless. Now Joe, had another man been in the bed that you share with your woman you would likely be just as pissed. You and your lady “friend” could have enjoyed each’s company on the couch or outside on the porch or at a nearby bar? These are questions that need answers. Fed up with Joe’s unconcern for her feelings, she stormed out in true Tahiry fashion.


Erica Mena invited Rich Dollaz to the photo shoot for her upcoming book, because she was considering going back into business with him. When Rich Dollaz arrived, he was almost immediately interrogated by Mena’s now official girlfriend, Cyn. Cyn was quick to remind Rich that he snatched a song away from Mena and gave it to Olivia. I guess she was trying to assume wifely duties and look out for her new girlfriend’s best interest. But Mena and Rich had already gotten passed that episode; that was so last season! Rich quickly became annoyed with the questioning, and decided it would be best to not cause a disturbance in Mena’s new relationship, so he opted out of working with her. He changed his mind with Mena showed up to the office with a signed contract, something Mena wouldn’t previously agree to. We’ll see what Cyn has to say about this arrangement. Stay tuned.


Remember Rashidah? You know, the red head from last season? Yes, her! She threw a networking party for “professional women” and invited all of her friends. The guest list included Erica Mena and her boo, Tahiry and big mouth Nya. The ladies were having a great time until Nya walked in and disrupted the mood. She made the claim that all “Spanish” women share the same men. She probably missed that lesson in history when the teacher informed the class that Spanish women are from Spain. We knew she meant Latino though. The upcoming rapper was also outnumbered, because Erica, Cyn and Tahiry are all Latinas. The statement especially rubbed Tahiry the wrong way considering the fact that she just had broken up with Joe. The ladies then proceeded to get loud with each other, but Nya was quick to apologize, claiming it was just a joke. Yea, whatever you say, Nya.

From the looks of the preview for next week, Nya’s mouth will still be running a thousand miles per hour. It looks like her beef with Erica Mena will continue. Until next time…

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