While Amina did not land a record deal at Yandy’s label, her business partner, Rich Dollaz, agreed to work with her separately to fulfill a personal favor for Peter Gunz. The good deed came at a cost though. Rich Dollaz had a proposition for Peter – “I want you to manage Mena.” Are you sure about that, Rich? Find out how his bright idea panned out and read about the other juicy moments from episode six of Love and Hip Hop New York.


Rich met with Peter to persuade him to join the Erica Mena project without first consulting Erica. In fact, she knew nothing of the arrangement until they all met at a restaurant to discuss the parameters of the deal. Well, the discussion never happened, because Erica immediately began lashing out against Peter. She truly believes he played a huge role in breaking up her romantic relationship with Rich. It’s clear that her favorite move in an argument is to slight her opponent’s credibility. Her second favorite move is to throw something. Her object of choice during this fight was a saucer. This definitely ticked off Peter, and he tossed a dish right back at her. Yeah, this was a match made in hell.


Amina has been begging Peter to actually act like they are a married couple rather than treating her like the side piece that she is. To assure she and her hubby are on the same page, she invited Peter to the park for a little surprise. She played him a lovely song on her guitar (the girl is talented), and then she pulled a tiny box out of her bag. Inside of the box was a pair of wedding bands. She didn’t want Peter to just say they were married; she wanted him to show it too. Peter seemed a little hesitant, but he let her slip the ring on his finger. Let’s see how long he keeps it on.


Although Peter is a two-timing player, he’s still a father and Tara does not take that away from him. After a day out with the boys, he crashed at Tara’s place until she returned. When she made it back, with some liquor still in her system, Peter must have forgotten he was married because his flirtation meter was at an all time high. And guess what? Tara didn’t seem to mind. Of course, she played hard to get at first, but pretty soon her hands were all over the cheating punk. And you can probably guess what happened next. SMH. Why, Tara, why?!


Ms. K. Michelle hasn’t been in the last few episodes, and we were starting to wonder. But she made an appearance this week and gave Tara some words of wisdom when she found out she had dipped her hand back in the Peter Gunz cookie jar. “You got to leave that man alone…You can’t keep on straddling the fence.” Those weren’t the only words of wisdom K. Michelle provided in the episode. She also advised her personal assistant to find another job. Yes, she fired the girl! The former assistant, Briana, was simply not up to par and she apparently wept a whole lot. Briana paid her ex boss a visit at the hair salon in an attempt to get her job back, but it was a lost cause after she offered K. Michelle some dog treats to snack on. “B*tch, ain’t nobody eating that!…She eats organic and green foods. I eat collard greens and macaroni. We already don’t match.” Haha!


Now that Tahiry has broken up with Joe, we’re getting to see her relationships with other people, like her family. It turns out that she hadn’t talked to her sister, Lexie, in five years. So when Lexie called her, she jumped at the opportunity to catch up with her younger sibling. Lexie revealed that their father was enduring some financial struggles, and she confessed that she felt Tahiry was too consumed with her relationship with Joe to pay attention to anyone else. Wow. The tearful heart to heart helped the sisters reconnect, and they even thought of a way to support their father.

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