Recap: Love and Hip Hop New York

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. When Peter Gunz stepped on the scene with a baby mama and a secret wife on the side, we knew it wouldn’t be too long before fists would begin to swing and drinks would start to fly. And that’s exactly what happened this week. Find out how Peter Gunz confessed to Tara and read about the other drama-filled moments from episode three.


This week’s episode began with Peter sitting down Rich Dollaz to discuss his love triangle. Rich, who has surprisingly become the voice of reason this season, comforted him and helped him decide that it was time to tell Tara the truth. So Peter called up the mother of his children and asked her stop by the studio before she went work. Sure, just drop a bomb before she starts her day. The call was so unusual that Tara suspected that whatever Peter had to say wouldn’t be the most pleasant announcement. Peter sat her down and finally revealed that he’d been sleeping with Amina. Tara, who had already been cheated on by Peter once before, immediately began swinging. He deserved it too. The beating must have gotten too intense for Peter, because he asked Tara to “stop hitting.” And she appropriately responded with “stop f*cking!”


Peter wasn’t the only one Tara wanted to lash out on. When Rich and Yandy attended one of Amina’s performances to decide whether or not they would sign her to their new label, Tara joined in on the meeting too. But of course she wasn’t there to discuss record deals.

While Amina didn’t know their meeting would turn into a confrontation, Yandy sure dropped plenty of hints. When Amina said she was a star, Yandy asked her, “then why do you play second.” Right as those words left her mouth, Tara arrived. Boom! The timing was perfect. The conversation started off civilly. Tara calmly interrogated, but the more Amina responded the more displeased she became with her answers. That’s when Amina revealed a truth Peter left out in his confession by pulling out a folded up piece of paper that appeared to be a marriage certificate. However, we can’t say for sure, because Tara launched across the table before she could even unravel the paper. We have a feeling that’s not the only time Tara will lay hands on Amina.


One of the most anticipated story lines from the show’s teaser clip was Erica Mena’s next relationship. After her epic fail of a relationship with Rich Dollaz, Erica decided it was time to switch it up. While it’s no secret that Erica is attracted to both men and women, it’s the first time we’ve see Erica actively pursuing a romantic relationship with another woman. She introduces us to Cyn Santana, a woman who has only dated men. It’s clear that Erica wants more than a friendship when she takes her friend out on a nice dinner date. While Cyn is reluctant, she agrees to stick around to see where the relationship will go. But she makes Erica promise that they will remain friends no matter what happens. Well, we’ll see about that. Erica doesn’t have a great track record for maintaining relationships after bad romance.


Speaking of maintaining great relationships, Erica Mena added another name to her broken friendships list. She and up and coming rapper, Nya, decided to record some music together. But apparently Erica was moving too slowly, so Nya decided to nudge her a bit. In the process, she threw major shade Erica’s way, discrediting her as an artist. Now, you know Ms. Mena will not be disrespected, so she fired right back, aiming for the jugular. “Besides in the strip club, nobody’s heard of you,” Erica yelled. The entire argument involved the ladies attempting to prove who was more established. I guess they forgot that they’re both struggling artists trying to make a name for themselves via reality TV. Just an observation.


Joe Budden and Tahiry have reignited the flame and are attempting to keep the fire blazing by going to therapy sessions. But when Tahiry takes a new acting job that will take her away from Joe for four to six weeks, the flames quickly turn into smoke. Joe is unhappy with her decision, because he believes the separation will negate all of the work they did to renew their relationship. Just as he’s explaining his stance on things, Tahiry finds a hair in their bed. Uh oh! Once again, the timing is just perfect. Tahiry then notices that there are no pillowcases on the pillows and the sheets have been changed. Joe’s attempt to keep Tahiry in New York with him were all thrown out of the window. She’s probably doesn’t feel an ounce of guilt any more about taking the job.

 YOUR TURN: Messy!  So, what were your thoughts about last night’s Love and Hip Hop New York?  Is Amina living on borrowed time?  Does Erica get along with anyone? Will Joe and Tahiry ever get it together?