Last week, Love and Hip Hop: New York returned with a promising storyline. The bold and always unfiltered K. Michelle made an official arrival to her new city. But she wasn’t the only character to make a strong entrance.

We were quickly introduced to ’90s rapper Peter Gunz; his girlfriend and mother of his children, Tara; and his latest recording artist, Amina, who’s also his wife? Yea, you heard it right. Dive into the ratchetness to find out what went down in episode two.


Peter Gunz’s attempt to keep his marriage a secret is becoming a big ole fail. After Rich Dollarz found out about the relationship, he felt obliged to inform his business partner Yandy of the scandal. Too bad she already invited both Tara and Amina to the same event. Uh-oh! When Petey J, I mean Peter Gunz, got word of the party and the guest list, his entire expression changed. He went into panic mode. Go ahead and admit that you chuckled a bit as he tried to pick his face up off of the ground.

Mr. Gunz cut his studio visit with his son, Cory Gunz, short and dashed out of there. He arrived just in time, because Amina was walking toward the entrance of the venue. She was pleased to see her boo. But just when she thought they’d enter the party together as a couple, she had to pick her face up off the ground, too, because her hubby was only there to save himself.  The sweet talk must’ve worked, because she never made it inside. Peter didn’t get busted…this time.


We met two new characters this episode – Erica Jean and hip-hop artist Saigon. The couple, who started out as friends, decided to have a child together. When Erica Jean found out she was pregnant, the timing was just a bit off. At the time, the duo weren’t on the greatest of terms, and Saigon ended up knocking up another woman. In the beginning of the episode, the two were trying to renew their relationship.

But by the end, it seemed like a fresh start was no longer in the works. Why? Well, Saigon asked Erica Jean for a paternity test, and of course she flipped. He questioned the paternity of the child, because Erica Jean refused to let him to come to the hospital when she was giving birth. That’s not all that encouraged him to question her. He got some sound advice from Peter Gunz. What a fine choice! The two-timer makes a great advisor, especially considering his current situation.


Amina isn’t the only artist on the series reaching for success in the music industry. Rapper Nya is, too. The former stripper burst onto the scene with a lot of fire and opinions galore. When Rich Dollaz stopped by her photo shoot in an attempt to recruit her for his new record label, she didn’t let him down so easily. Not only did she downplay his managing skills, but she also mentioned his failed relationship and management with Erica Mena. It was clear that she wanted nothing to do with him. Nya probably didn’t like the fact that “rich” was in his name either. Did you peep her necklace that read “I’m A Rich Bitch?” Let’s stayed tuned to see how much heat Nya brings to the show this season.


K. Michelle’s intro last week was more like a snippet. But this time around, we got a real taste of the redhead we loved to watch in the Atlanta series. Yandy gave the artist a grand welcome to the Big Apple by throwing her a party (you know, the one that she invited both Tara and Amina to). When a Harlem-bred man began to boast about his neighborhood and throw his money around, K had no trouble shutting him down immediately and flaunting even harder. We love watching K. Michelle’s larger-than-life personality. She’ll surely spice up the show, and she might even be the voice of reason.

Watching next week’s episode is a must. It looks like Peter Gunz is going to get a well deserved slap in the face after he tells Tara about his other girl.