Recap: ‘I Dream of NeNe’

Courtesy of Bravo

Another week, another drama-filled episode of I Dream of NeNe. This week picks up with NeNe and Gregg Leakes working through their marital issues before the Big Day and announcing the members of their bridal party.

You’re Hired!

NeNe pays a visit to Donald Trump, who asks her to be a judge for his Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas. (As you may recall, NeNe was a contestant on Trump’s reality show The Celebrity Apprentice.) NeNe agrees to be a judge and asks The Donald a thing or two about negotiating prenups while she’s there as well.

NeNe insists she doesn’t think she’s “above” Gregg and maintains that the prenup is strictly a business decision. Trump cosigns and says the a prenup is the “least romantic” document there is, but without one, NeNe declares there won’t be a wedding.

Beware of Bridesmaids-zillas

Gregg mets up with his groomsmen, thanks them for being on his side and they continue about their merry way. When NeNe meets with a few of her chosen bridesmaids for lunch, however, things don’t go over as smoothly. At the table are fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Cynthia Bailey, Marlo Hampton and NeNe’s longtime friend Diana.

Diana is concerned about some of the women NeNe has listed as her bridesmaids (nine in total) and outright accuses Marlo of being an opportunist. She said what?! An argument ensues with name calling and more accusations. Cynthia tries to steer the conversation back to the real reason they’re there: to support NeNe on her wedding day. “It’s not about you, it’s about NeNe.” And I couldn’t agree more.

During the drive home, Diana insists she can’t stand next to Marlo. Sounds like someone has a case of jealousy. NeNe said she’s briefly contemplated having a maid of honor, but decided against it, which is probably the right move when dealing with this catty bunch. Can you say bridesmaid-zilla?!

Step-Mama Drama

About midway through the episode, Gregg mets up with his siblings, whom he hasn’t seen in a while, in an attempt to restore his family. He says step one was getting NeNe back; step two was getting his family back; and step three is getting his kids back. Gregg also vows to never allow another week to go by without his siblings at least talking on the phone.

Toward the end of the episode, Gregg’s adult children from his previous marriage join him and NeNe for a counseling session with Dr. Jeff Gardere. And it gets ugly real fast.

The kids maintain their issues are with Gregg, not NeNe and they don’t, in fact, blame her for ruining their parents’ marriage. They kiss and make up and everyone lives happily ever after, right? Of course not!

Gregg’s oldest son, Damian (or is it Damien?), apologizes for talking about Gregg and NeNe’s business on an Atlanta radio show, but the conversation quickly escalates when he says he wants her to “show some respect to the bloodline.”

He says they were a family before she got there and accuses NeNe of not reaching out to them. NeNe naturally takes offense and says she didn’t marry into money or politics, so when she took on the last name Leakes, she “added to it.”

Damian storms off and Gregg and Dr. Jeff follow behind him. Gregg orders the cameras to go away and…we’ll have to tune in next week to see what happens!