‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

This week of Real Housewives of Atlanta was a bit more subdued than previous episodes, but full of interesting moments nonetheless…such as Kenya twerking against a piano. Yes, that happened.

Kandi’s Ka-Ching

We begin this week with Kandi checking out her new studio. She feels as though she writes the best songs when she’s going through some drama. (See: “No Scrubs.”) She tells her manager, Don Juan, about the conversation she had with her mom about Todd, who doesn’t think Kandi’s fiance is “The One.” Don Juan too is concerned about where he’s going to fit in after her marriage. But Kandi sets him straight: she loves Todd and her career: “I love love and all, but I love business and money, too. Hello!” Preach.

The New Normal

Back at the Leakes’ household, Gregg is asking NeNe to help out around the house, but that’s just not her style. She describes herself as a 20th-century housewife aka no cooking or cleaning. She receives a call from her manager, who gives her an update on Glee. Production has been pushed back two to three weeks because of lead actor Cory Monteith’s passing. NeNe is getting restless and is itching to go back to work. But Gregg is completely fine with NeNe being at home….helping swab down countertops and sweep floors.  Whomp.

All Better Now

Cynthia gets surgery to remove her fibroids and Peter takes care of her. Admittedly, his reasons are a bit selfish: he wants to know how soon afterward they’re going to get back to handling business in the bedroom. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

Divorce Drama

Porsha is still living with her mom and upset that Kordell packed up her belongings. He also seems to have trashed her wedding reception gown in the process. “This is not something a man would do, or a husband would do, but something a queen would do,” she proclaims. So Porsha proceeds to destroy their wedding album. Tit for tat, I suppose.

When Kandi comes around to check on Porsha, she asks Porsha if Kordell ever beat her…and a very telling pause ensues. Hmm. Porsha equates a divorce to a death in the family and Kandi gently reminds her: “It can’t rain forever.”

You Ain’t Gotta Go Home

Kenya is still dealing with drama from her landlord, Conya. The former beauty queen sings “don’t come for me, unless I send for you” and proceeds to twerk around the house…even playing the piano with her butt. Yes, seriously.

She later finds Conya’s long-sleeved, puffy-shoulder wedding dress, tries it on and sings a song about still being in the house. And her friend says what we’re all thinking, “you’re emotionally disturbed.”

Conya calls the cops and Kenya calls her crazy. This is a classic example of pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever seen one.

Black Angels

There’s trouble in paradise at the Parks’ residence. Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, is being a diva and says he’s tired of Phaedra planning things, such as a family photo shoot, without notifying him. Phaedra has the the entire family dressed in all white so they look like “Black angels,” but Apollo may not be so innocent.

In the preview for next week’s episode, we see Phaedra threatening to cut his tongue with a steak knife. Say what?! It seems like it has something to do with an inappropriate exchange with Kenya, but we’ll have to wait to find out!

Your Turn: What did you think of Kenya’s “twerking” and you think Kordell intentionally damaged Porsha’s wedding dress? Tell us in the comments!