‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Looks like we’re getting to the juicy part of this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. On last week’s episode, Phaedra confronted Apollo about those texts from former beauty pageant queen Kenya Moore and Porsha opened up about her Daddy issues. This week, Kandi’s mom pulled a Kanye and went “H.A.M.” (and maybe even roast beef) on the singer’s fiance, Todd…

Killing Him Softly

Phaedra is still giving Apollo the cold shoulder and killing him kindly with silence. In this episode, she’s traveling to Alabama to prepare for her mortuary exams…sans Apollo and her oldest son aka Prince, might I add. She mentions she likes coming to Alabama to “get away from it all” and I can’t help but wonder if she was referring to the drama with her hubby.

Meanwhile, Apollo pays a visit to Cynthia’s new studio to talk to Peter because apparently they’re BFFs now and Apollo looks to Cynthia’s husband as an older brother. #Bromance. Apollo asks Peter for marital advice and Peter tells Apollo he should have told Phaedra what she wanted to hear. Has he never heard of the phrase “happy wife, happy life”? C’mon, son!

Real Housewives…They’re Just Like Us!

They sample produce at the supermarket, too (Yeah, we saw you “testing” those cherries, NeNe!) and shop in heels…just like us! Okay, actually, I don’t do that, but maybe some of you do? Cynthia asks NeNe for advice in dealing with her teenage daughter, Noelle, who is 13 and has a boyfriend. (I wasn’t “allowed” to date until I was 16 and even then, every guy was terrified of my dad!) NeNe tells Cynthia you can’t always be your kid’s friend. Amen to that!

We later meet Arthur (Noelle’s boyfriend) and his mother. The meeting goes fairly well, even if Peter gave the kid some grief at the beginning. But I have two very important questions: Was Cynthia wearing a nightgown? And did Arthur have pink braces? Just wondering…

Meanwhile in LaLa Land, Porsha is still living off, I mean with her mom. And she doesn’t have any intentions of moving out soon. My mama would have kicked my butt out by now! I know you’re dealing with a divorce, hon, but c’mon! You can’t live with your mama and have her cook you pancakes every morning forever!! Porsha’s sister takes her apartment shopping and it seems like nothing is “good enough.” Riiight.

Momma Joyce vs. Everyone

Kandi’s preparing a “welcome home” dinner for Todd when her longtime friend Carmon weighs in on Kandi’s relationship with her mom. Oh, did I mention Momma Joyce has accused Carmon and Todd of hooking up behind Kandi’s back? Yeah, this woman is tripping. Carmon tells Kandi she allows her mom to get away with too much and it’s time to put her foot down. Preach.

Once Todd arrives back from his trip, Kandi tells him about her mama not feeling him. No “Hey, honey, how was your trip? Oh, great, thank you,” here. Todd feels like he keeps getting shot down and that he’s sacrificed a lot for their relationship. Kandi says her mom is “too old” to change her ways, but Todd’s not buying it so he suggests the three meet in person to hash it out.

Now it’s time for the sit-down of the century: Kandi, Todd and Momma Joyce, who came ready for a war. She immediately goes in on Todd and Carmon, saying they’re spending way too much time together. She’s also upset because she doesn’t see any pictures of her and Kandi’s family on the walls. And then Momma Joyce disses Kandi’s engagement ring (again!), this time in front of Todd. She says her daughter didn’t pick a $30k or $40k ring because he couldn’t afford it. Todd defends himself and says he provides “love, happiness and stability” to Kandi. But that isn’t enough to Momma Joyce and she calls Todd an opportunist. Wow.

The two claim they’re “bonding” and that it’s a work in progress, but I’m not sold.

Your Turn: Have you ever had a close  family member dislike your significant other? How do you deal with the drama? Let us know in the comments!