‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Previously on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya moved into her new home. Cynthia met her daughter’s boyfriend. Phaedra was busy giving Apollo the cold shoulder. Apollo went to Peter for relationship advice. And Momma Joyce turned up on Todd. Whew! Get ready for momma drama this week…

The Wedding’s Back On

Following last week’s conversation with her mom, Kandi feels like she’s back on track with wedding planning. But is it too good to be true? Carmon reminds Kandi that Momma Joyce was spreading rumors about Carmon sleeping with Todd, who encourages Kandi to stand up to her mom. Good luck with that, bro.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Formaldehyde!

Phaedra passes her mortuary exams in Alabama and now she’s back in Atlanta. Apollo apologizes, but it’s not going to be so easy this time. He feels as though she misinterpreted what he was saying, but Phaedra informs him this isn’t the way you apologize to your wife. Whoops. Phaedra says they may be ready to move on while Apollo wishes he could have the old Phaedra back. Hmm…

Burlesque Beauties

In an effort to support Kandi in getting in shape before the wedding, the ladies join her in a Cardio Cabaret class, which actually sounds pretty fun (potential Workout of the Week?). Everyone is there except for Porsha, who NeNe says is in the hospital because she fainted, according her sister. Then NeNe suggests all the girls go to Savannah for a bonding trip.

Phaedra sets the record straight and says she’s not cool with Kenya Poor, she means, Moore, but she could use a girls’ getaway. Kenya’s also hating on Phaedra’s post-baby bump, which is totally against Girl Code. Also: Kenya you are not Beyonce, so you need to twirl your behind somewhere else, okay?

Mommy Issues

Speaking of Kenya, apparently she’s dating some African prince whom we haven’t seen yet. She later opens up to her aunt about some fertility tests she took that came back with bad news. Basically, the clock is ticking. He aunt asks her to reconsider her life options here and maybe but the baby before the marriage. The aunt also says Kenya chases down unavailable men and Kenya thinks it all comes back to her (lack of) relationship with her mother, who doesn’t even acknowledge her existence. Therapy may not be a bad option here.

Here Comes the Bride

Kandi goes to try on wedding gowns and brings Carmon and her friend Kwame. Carmon fills Kwame in on all the Momma Joyce drama. Speak of the devil, Momma Joyce walks in with Kandi’s aunts and starts talking smack about Carmon. This is not a scene any bride should walk into ever.

Once Kandi is gone, Momma Joyce takes off her shoe and comes after Carmon again to “whoop that ass.” You’re too old for that. Kandi, get your moms. And then the aunts chime in with they don’t want Kandi to get married. Are you serious?!

Carmon tells Kandi what was really going on, but Kandi refuses to pick sides. Carmon warns Kandi that Momma Joyce is going to be running her life forever.

Next week: Kandi’s crying about her mom and Kenya becomes “queen of the bus ride.”

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