‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

In case you missed it, last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta was “Gone with the Wind fabulous!” to quote the newest cast member Kenya Moore. There was the infamous Donkey Booty versus Stallion Booty fitness DVD special (honestly, I’d rather my behind not look like an animal’s, but that’s just me); Porsha and Kordell on the brink of divorce; and so much more.

All My Single Ladies

Season six picks up right after NeNe and Gregg’s wedding as they’re unpacking gifts. Now that The New Normal has been canceled, NeNe has more time on her hands and has decided to adopt fellow cast member Porsha as a little sister. In case you forgot, Porsha found out her ex-NFL hubby Kordell was filing divorce on Twitter. Porsha meets with NeNe’s divorce lawyer and draws up a list of things she needs Kordell to do if they’re going to get back together. The youngest RHOA star believes marriage is for life and if there’s any way to save it, then they should try.

Packing Up and Moving On

It looks like Cynthia has outgrown The Bailey Agency School of Fashion and is moving into a larger space, right under her husband Peter. Hmm…I wonder if this business partnership will be too close for comfort? Always one to make a dramatic entrance, Kenya comes in complaining that no one reached out to her during her drama with her landlord. Cynthia kindly reminds Kenya that she burned a lot of bridges with the other ladies and, once again, I feel as though Miss Bailey may have the most sense on the cast.

Then Kenya complains about how NeNe invited Walter (Kenya’s ex-boyfriend) to her wedding and apparently disrespected their friendship. Here’s newsflash for Kenya: everything isn’t always about you, boo! According to NeNe, Kenya never called, texted or otherwise RSVP’d to the wedding. Kenya did, however, tweet her congratulations. For real?

NeNe vs. Kenya

At the opening of Cynthia’s new studio, everyone is invited but NeNe and Phaedra blatantly ignore Kenya, whom Phaedra refers to as a “beauty queen on bath salts.” Well, dang. (Side note: why is Phaedra’s husband Apollo dressed in a black suit to an all-white party?!) NeNe and Kenya confront each other and it gets ugly quickly as NeNe points out Gregg is still friends with Walter, so there was no reason for him not to be invited. No one throws shade better than Miss NeNe Leakes, who tells Miss Moore “Gone with the Wind fabulous” is so last year! I wonder which catchphrase she’ll think of next?

Is He or Isn’t He?

During the deposition, Porsha says Kordell didn’t hold anything back about their failing marriage, including how he apparently locked her out after she didn’t come home at a certain time. Say what?! Porsha also learns he had no factual reason to divorce her and we find out Kordell only visited her once while she was in the hospital for a week following a miscarriage. I’ll be damned. Porsha also says there were times Kordell didn’t want her physically and insinuates that he could be gay. Hmmm…

As for the other cast members, Phaedra is busy tending to her infant son, whom she refers to as “Mr. President” because she affectionately calls her first son “Prince.” Meanwhile, Kandi and Todd should be planning their wedding; however, it seems like Mama Kandi still doesn’t approve so the nuptials may be placed on hold.

It looks like the ladies of RHOA are about to turn up this season, based on clips of what’s to come! Kenya’s accused of offering oral to Apollo; Kandi’s about go hood on someone; and NeNe and Kenya may get into it physically!

Your Turn: What did you think of the season premiere of RHOA? Should NeNe have invited Walter to the wedding? Is Kordell wrong for divorcing Porsha?