R&B Divas L.A. Recap

When the clock struck 9:59, the channel switched to TV One for part two of the showdown between the R&B Divas of Los Angeles. Last week, the show stopped abruptly when Fred walked on stage and admitted his glee about Kelly Price’s and Dawn Robinson’s departure from the “Not Your Mama Monologues.”

If you missed part one, click here. Part two aired Wednesday night, so it’s time to play catch up. Get your reality show fix for the day, and find out exactly how the ladies concluded their premiere season.  Spoilers ahead…


Fred remained professional when Price got all up in his grill during the show and brought that same aura to the reunion special. The kindhearted director of the program that featured just four of the divas didn’t quite understand why the songstress became so defensive. “She don’t know me, so I don’t understand. A lot of things were swirling through my head,” he said. Ms. Price didn’t clearly explain why she was so confrontational. She did blame her actions on not knowing that Fred would have a more permanent role on the show.

Price didn’t, however, provide an explanation for those crazy props, which included “some Timberland boots, Vaseline and a straight edge (she admitted that really wasn’t in the bag).” Fred and the other women thought it was a joke. O,h but Ms. Price didn’t even raise her cheekbones to form even a smile. Considering the fact that rehearsals hadn’t actually taken place yet, it was difficult to understand Price’s motive. One could make the argument that you would need to learn your lines first before playing with props.


The producers of the show received all kinds of nicknames, but “The Wizard” was the one that seemed to stick the most. “The Wizard” came up several times during the conversation. And while it’s no secret that the makers of a show have a hand in what takes place, but it makes us wonder just how much.

Michel’le revealed she already booked a show of her own the night the monologues were to take place, but she was told she must participate. Price also said the girls were told to turn up the drama and a third party contributed to the rift between the girls.

There was so much talk about “The Wizard” that Williams asked, “I wish ‘The Wizard’ told Dawn that she had to be here.” Ditto, Wendy.


When Williams brought up plastic surgery, a conversation about going under the knife quickly turned into a talk about domestic abuse. Chante Moore and Michel’le shared that they both received plastic surgery on their nose, because a man struck them in the face. While both confessions were surprising, the most shocking part was Michel’le’s abuser – her baby father Dr. Dre.

The mistreatment she endured dated back to her own father not expressing his love for her until recently. “I think that had a lot to do with it. Getting beat was love to me…I finally realized that wasn’t good. Believe it or not, the person that helped me see that was Suge [Knight],” she said.

She often had to cover her black eyes with make-up before shooting music videos but said everything she’s been through helped save her life.


Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price went on to create their own monologues show, and the divas watched an exclusive clip during the reunion special. Not only was the video a tear jerker because of Price’s powerful story, but it also reminded the ladies that they weren’t able to put their differences aside to do perform all together.

Lil’ Mo broke down saying,”We were suppose to share this and for it to come to this, it just hurts.” Her cries encouraged Price to stand up to hug all of the ladies and tell each of them why she loves them.

It looks like the women are well on their way to making amends. While we don’t know if  a second season will be filmed, we certainly want to see what’s next for the divas!