Recap: Preachers of LA, “Family First”

Last night’s episode of Preachers of L.A. took us beyond the pulpit and dived right into real life issues families experience. Find out why last night’s hasty decision to jump the broom, a trip to the crack house, and murder threats left audiences even more confused.

Deitrick Just Wanted Sex?

As soon as we thought the drama of whether Deitrick and Dominique should live together or not was coming to an end, Deitrick takes it upon himself to buy a house. As much as he annoys me, the house is bad (in a good way), with a beautiful exterior and six bedrooms. After surprising Dominique with the house, and taking a walk to admire its grandiose features, Deitrick springs it on Dominique that he wants to get married, NOW. Dominique half-heartily tries to remind Deitrick that their wedding is only ONE MONTH AWAY, but he isn’t having it. He’s tired of living apart from his family and refuses to sleep in the new house without them. Of course Dominique gives in and with her mom’s blessing they get married in the backyard, exchanging vows with pieces of yarn tied around their fingers. 0_o

It’s a “you had to be there” thing. Any-who, Deitrick cried a good game of wanting to be with his family, blah, blah, blah, but at the end of the day he just wanted to have sex. He couldn’t wait ONE more month? Oh well, I have to give him a little credit. The Bible does say it’s better to marry than to burn.  Check out JET’s interview with Mr. Haddon himself HERE.

I Want to Help You (For the Cameras)

Lord knows Pastor Gibson was beginning to be my favorite on the show. How could you not appreciate his desire to see thugs transformed, and his beautiful relationship with his wife First Lady Gibson? Didn’t our hearts ache as we watched him fight for the deliverance of his heroine-addicted sister in last night’s episode? Pastor Gibson explained how he felt guilty for her addiction because he was also once heavily involved in that same lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. This explains his desire to see his sister delivered and free. I love to see family fight for family. However, Pastor Gibson and his family basically made Shaun (Gibson’s sister) go to rehab. Gibson then goes on to tell his entire congregation on Sunday how he “rescued” his sister, blah, blah, blah. Did Pastor Gibson ever “rescue” his sister before the cameras were around? And why does his entire church have to know about him taking his sister to rehab? Doesn’t Pastor Gibson know the Lord will reward him openly for what he does in secret? I truly hope his sister has a change of heart, because by the looks of last night’s shenanigans, sister girl was just going through the motions.

Dear Bishop McClendon: Ain’t Nobody Trying to Murder You

There are no words. Bishop McClendon called a meeting, because apparently someone is trying to murder him. McClendon says his death threats are higher than celebrities. Was it just me, or did anyone else find it hard to take the deacon, oops I mean church security meeting, serious? And did you guys see how they stood up when Bishop McClendon came in the room? What the? I can’t. Yeah, next.


They didn’t show Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta last night, but they’ll be back next week. I’m already getting tired just thinking about the unnecessary drama Bishop Jones is taking Loretta through. Be sure to follow me on twitter as I live tweet the foolery that’s sure to go down in next weeks episode: @nikkiandthecity

YOUR TURN: What are your thoughts? Should Deitrick have let Dominique have her dream wedding? Did the rehab jump the shark for you?  Will Bishop McClendon ever calm down?


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