Preachers of LA: Perspectives and Priorities

It took five episodes, but it seems like we’ve finally gotten a breakthrough on Preachers of L.A. Won’t He do it? Last night’s Preachers of LA episode revealed the sincere humanity of the preachers that audiences have been longing to see. Check it out.

Pastors need counseling too.

The saga of Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta continued in last night’s episode. Things got real when Bishop Jones told Loretta he needs time AWAY from her. What happened? The preachers and their WIVES were all gathered at Bishop Jones house for the 4th of July, having a good ole time feasting on food made by Loretta, SMH. Pastor Gibson challenged Bishop Jones to a game of pool, under the circumstances that Bishop Jones would have to marry Loretta if he won the game. This scared the “bejeezus” out of Jones, because next thing you know, he’s in meeting with a counselor to discuss his commitment issues. Turns out Jones was abandoned by his mother who left him in Jamaica, which eventually evolved into all types of trust issues with women. Whew. I think Bishop Jones is doing the right thing by taking some time away from Loretta to work through his issues. I mean, it has been 16 years, and Loretta should be able to hold hands with her boo while watching fireworks next 4th of July.

Has marriage made Deitrick a new man?

Last night’s episode revealed a new Deitrick. He always came off as being “turned up” all the time for absolutely no reason, but last night audiences had a chance to witness a calmer, confident and dare I say it, compassionate Deitrick. On a trip to the ESSENCE fest in New Orleans, Deitrick and Dominique are enjoying a night in the city when they encounter a homeless woman. Not only does Deitrick take time to have a conversation with the woman, but he also prays for her. Deitrick goes on to say that it’s isn’t about houses, or Bentley’s, and more pastors need to get back to the basics of what being a Christian is all about. Uh-oh. I officially may be Team Deitrick. The verdict is still out. We shall see. Maybe marriage is what he needed to get back on track. Whatever it is, we like it.

The Chaney’s are boring. 

I know you’re probably wondering who are The Chaney’s. They’re the super cute couple who I respect and even admire, but they bore me. After 4 episodes of Preachers of L.A., they were finally given an ample amount of air time, and I see why it’s taken so long. Please understand, I’m not looking for negative drama. It just seems like they don’t have anything exciting happening. If Preachers of L.A. have a Season 2, I’ll be shocked if they choose for The Chaney’s to return.

Any-who, did you guys catch the preview for next weeks episode? It’s about to go down! They discuss tattoos, which is always an interesting conversation to have with a community of diverse Christians. As always, I’ll be live tweeting the foolery as always. Join me @nikkiandthecity