“Preachers of L.A.” Recap: Tea and Sympathy

It’s safe to say last night’s episode of Preachers of L.A. left audiences a bit confused and perplexed. From praying for a suicidal woman on the street to DTR (Define the Relationship) conversations, find out why last night’s episode was bittersweet. More bitter though.

To Shack or Not to Shack?

Questions: Does Deitrick Haddon pastor his own church? Is Dominique really going to be a First Lady? If so, we need answers, quick. In last week’s episode Deitrick went on a rant to Pastor Gibson about how the term “shacking” (living with someone who isn’t your spouse) isn’t in the Bible. The conversation spilled into last night’s episode with Deitrick’s fiance Dominique sharing similar thoughts with her mother Faye and Lady Gibson. Apparently Dominique doesn’t understand why their family can’t live together until they’re married and believes it wouldn’t be a big deal if Deitrick Haddon wasn’t a star in the gospel music community. Dominique complains she’s basically a single mom, since she and Deitrick are unable to live together until they’re married. It gets better. She goes on to tell First Lady Gibson that she and Deitrick are technically married, because in biblical times after a man slept with a woman they were officially husband and wife. 0_o Um. If Dominique is going to be a First Lady over real people, we’re going to need for her to be able to explain why Christian couples are encouraged to refrain from “shacking.” It isn’t rocket science. Also, did she realize that she was potentially putting herself in position to be a single mom when she was having unprotected sex with Deitrick, who wasn’t her husband? Wait, does she even know why Deitrick’s first marriage didn’t last? No? Moving right along. Too easy.

He Says, She Says, But We’re All Still Confused

It’s looking like we’re in for a long season of trying to figure out what’s REALLY going on between Bishop Noel Jones and his “friend” Loretta. In last night’s episode Pastor Chaney’s wife, Myesha, invited Loretta to a tea that was exclusively for First Ladies. Bishop Jones schooled Loretta on how to answer questions that the women were guaranteed to shoot Loretta’s way about their relationship. He stressed to Loretta how the two of them are simply friends, and how that friendly fact really isn’t anyone’s business. Well those answers didn’t sit too well with the ladies, especially Lady Gibson, who encouraged Loretta to value her “merchandise” after discovering her and Bishop Jones have been friends for 16 years. Yikes. Although there isn’t a cookie cutter way of doing things when it comes to dating, there is a higher standard for men of the cloth. Can someone tell Bishop Noel Jones that this situation doesn’t look right? He and Loretta have been “friends” for 16 years, he’s invested money into her restaurant, and you mean to tell us he feels nothing for her? Okay, we get it. Bishop Noel Jones clearly doesn’t want her, or for whatever reason feels the need to keep their relationship on the ultimate low. Bishop Jones says it isn’t anyone’s business, but what about the scripture encouraging Christians to shun the very appearance of evil? 1 Thessalonians 5:22. You got some explaining to do.

The Good Samaritan

A standing ovation to Pastor Jay and Pastor Gibson who have let their lights shine since episode one. Pastor Jay is seen ministering and praying with a woman on the street. Pastor Gibson is committed to teaching Rick how to be a gentleman and walking with him as he makes his transition from to “Rick Dog” to “Rick Dude.” These Pastors have been the ram in the bush for Preachers of L.A., proving that financially stable pastors can truly have a heart for God and commit themselves to the work of his kingdom. Oh God we hope and pray this remains to be true throughout the rest of the season. We shall see.

YOUR TURN: What are your thoughts? Should Christians shack? Does Bishop Jones and Loretta’s relationship seem fishy?

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