New Atlanta, Same News

Photo credit: Bravo

Maybe I’m a hater.

I love Atlanta. I frequently refer to it as the place where Jesus lives. And if all the stars align, I’d love to have a talk show based there. That said, I find it hard to believe that everybody in the ATL is on the come up and interesting. So when Bravo announced its latest reality series, The New Atlanta, I kind of did a mental eye roll.

I still watched it with an open heart— I swear! After previewing the first episode all I can say is…let’s wait and see. The series features five Atlanta residents all trying to become shot callers in their own respective way. You have an artist, three business folks and a rich girl.

All of the characters are conveniently connected in some way. And there is a lot of drama…at least building up. For example, cast member Emily Lipman’s clothing store gets robbed in the first episode. We also get a glimpse into Alexandra Dilworth’s (the well-to-do daddy’s girl) excessive lifestyle and off-putting sense of entitlement. Still, there has yet to be a wow factor… at least for me.

I want to like The New Atlanta, but I need a reason to do so. And having a very sexy confirmed bachelor, Jevon Sims, spewing ideologies on relationships and business isn’t enough. That said, I plan to keep watching for now. Check it out and tell me your thoughts.

The New Atlanta premieres on Tuesday, September 17 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.