NeNe Leakes Recap: ‘I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding’

Courtesy of Bravo

Between battling bridesmaid-zillas and family counseling, there was no shortage of drama in this week’s episode of I Dream of NeNe. This week, we pick up with Gregg and Dr. Jeff trying to talk some sense into Gregg’s oldest son, Damian, who stormed off after a heated argument with NeNe Leakes.

No More Family Drama

As you may recall, Gregg’s five adult children from a previous marriage gathered in NeNe and Gregg’s home for some family counseling. Things got a little out of hand, but Dr. Jeff insists it was good for everyone to clear the air.

“As a woman, as a mom,  I can’t walk down the aisle again until this is resolved,” she says.

NeNe suggests Dr. Jeff talk to Katrina, Gregg’s only girl. She sympathizes with Katrina because her own father wasn’t involved in her life, which really bothered her. Katrina admits she’s “never felt any way” about NeNe’s relationship with her dad, but she needed him to be present in her life to ask who she’s dating and who her friends are.

“I needed you more emotionally than financially,” she says and adds she felt the only way she could reach her father was to ask him for something. Ahh, so herein lies the problem.

It seems as though Gregg was really listening and he made a promise to be there for his kids from now on. The counseling session ends in hugs all around…and the Leakes lived happily ever after (we shall see).

Meet the (Wedding) Planner

Because NeNe’s been consumed with her family and counseling, she enlists the help of Tiffany, a wedding planner fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Porsha Stewart recommended. Essentially, NeNe was running out of her time and her top choices were booked, so she settled for Tiffany.

NeNe describes her vision for the wedding, which is “old Hollywood glamor” with “hundreds of chandeliers” and beautiful lighting. She also wants separate tents for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

But Tiffany, who is used to working with a “pro-athlete clientele,” doesn’t come prepared with any sketches and NeNe is skeptical that the wedding planner can bring her vision to life.

“I walks around in Louboutins, not cleats,” NeNe says.

Say Yes to the Dress

While most brides would never dream of putting their bridesmaids in white, NeNe wants her friends to feel like brides on her Big Day. (Fun fact: back in the day, bridesmaids wore white so as to confuse evil spirits who may try to harm the bride.)

“Some of them have never been married before,” she explains. “Some…never will.”

The ladies go dress shopping for NeNe’s gown in L.A. Famed wedding designer Baracci (who also designed former RHOA cast member Kim Zolciak’s dress) is creating a one-of-a-kind gold and cream fit-and-flare dress for NeNe Leakes that costs nearly $60,000. Say what?!

Later, one of NeNe’s bridesmaids, Alexis, asks about the feud between NeNe’s good friend Diana and Marlo Hampton. NeNe explains Diana called Marlo “an opportunist” and stresses how it puts her in an awkward position because she just wants everyone to get along.

Alexis adds fuel to the fire with the accusation that Diana was happier for NeNe when she wasn’t with Gregg.

And, because this reality TV, NeNe brings up the issue during dinner at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills and confronts Diana.

No surprise here, Diana calls Marlo an opportunist…again. Can we find a new insult, please? And talks about how Marlo always wants to take a picture with NeNe and tweet about it. Diana says she’s cautious of Marlo because she wants to have NeNe’s lifestyle.

Marlo fires back and basically accuses Diana of being a lesbian romantically obsessed with NeNe, which Diana, of course, says isn’t true. Some of the other (more sensible) bridesmaids try to talk some sense into the women. But it may just be a lost cause…

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