The Most Popular Must-Watch Webseries Just Might Surprise You

For all the awkward Black girls, brown women and insecure ladies just trying to figure it out, the top web series out right now is a love letter to all of us.

Written by Fatimah Asghar and directed and produced by Sam Bailey, Brown Girls is a hilariously poignant series that follows two, twenty-something women of color just trying to do their thing in Chicago.

Over a breakfast of eggs and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, we get to learn a bit more about these women. Leila is a Pakistani-American writer (Nabila Hossai) who is trying to grapple with her queerness. Meanwhile, her BFF Patricia is a sex-positive musician (Sonia Denis) who is dealing with some major commitment issues. Through the seven-episode series, the women try to sort out their personal and professional relationships while attempting to stay true to themselves.

Though Lelia is coming to grips with her sexuality, she can’t seem to commit to Miranda, a woman that she doesn’t want to lose, but doesn’t quite want a relationship with. On the other hand, Patricia tries to cling on to the Single Girls Forever Club, but we all know, the heart wants what it wants. Some of the best moments in the series are of Patricia and Lelia together calling each other out (as BFFs should) on their BS. However, some of the most tender moments involve the women’s families. For Lelia, it’s revealing something scared to her sister, and for Patricia, it’s a beautiful moment with her mother, who is struggling in her own romantic life.

Aside from the stellar acting and writing on Brown Girls, one of the most important aspects of the series is its Chicago setting. The Midwestern city is gorgeous and vibrant, unlike the horrific images of it that are often displayed on our television screens. From posters of Chance the Rapper to the mixtures of people and cultures, the series truly pays homage to Chitown summers. Check out the trailer below.

In an interview with Broadly, writer Fatimah Asghar said that the series is not a response to Broad City or HBO’s Girls. After all, Brown Girls stands up magnificently on its own. However, more series like this along with Insecure, Scandal, Underground, How To Get Away With Murder, Greenleaf, The Quad, Jane the Virgin and The Breaks are necessary. In a recent study from 2016, it was revealed that non-white actors play only a third of speaking roles on television. The numbers are even worse for women of color. Obviously, we have a long way to go with representation in the entertainment industry, but with a fantastic series like Brown Girls, we are well on our way. Peep the first episode below.