Mary Mary Recap: Tina Tells All

Faith will be tested in the most emotionally charged and intense season of WE TV’s MARY MARY,.

Mary Mary is back with Season 3! The singing sister duo, Erica and Tina Campbell, are giving us full access into the reality of their personal lives. Last night’s episode continued in the warts-and-all theme, seeming to have a focus on broken relationships. From sister/stylist Goo Goo and her boyfriend Justin, to their manager Mitch, to Tina and husband Teddy, find out why last night’s episode left me in tears.

Not Marriage Material

Sister and stylist to Mary Mary, Goo Goo, has been dating musician Justin Moore since Season 1. Audiences never really liked him from jump. Everything about him screamed opportunist, and am I the only one who remembers how he reacted to Goo Goo after HE crashed HER car? Total jerk. Any-who, Goo Goo made the best decision ever and broke up with Justin in last night’s episode. Yay! *insert dramatic praise dance* Since Goo is my friend in my head, I always felt like she can do way better than him. She said it herself, “I didn’t feel like marriage was the next step”. That’s right Goo, don’t waste your time, you’re way too fabulous. I have a feeling Goo won’t be single for too long. Have you seen her? Freaking gorgeous.

To Manage or not to Manage?

Another relationship that’s on the rocks, is the one between the Mary’s and their manager Mitchell Solarek. I mean of course I don’t know all the details, but it seems like Mary Mary have been blowing up a lot as of late. I’m sure at least SOME of that credit goes to Mitch. Maybe the Mary’s are taking just a little bit of the stress that’s happening in their personal lives out on Mitch. I understand business is business, but the give the man a small break. He’s working with two “sistas”. Go easy, lol.

A Woman Scorned

Okay, was I the only one in shock at what Tina and Teddy let the cameras capture? The fact that Teddy was unfaithful to Tina doesn’t surprise me. Sadly, infidelity happens all the time. However, Tina’s transparency was shocking, yet encouraging at the same time. We see a woman scorned, broken, and hurt. Yet she’s doing all she can to fight for her life, love, marriage, and family. The scene of Erica and Tina singing “Can’t Give Up Now” on stage with tears in their eyes got me. These are real people, going through real issues, with the world watching. Second chances in a broken marriage are rare, but with their faith in God, and support of their family, I’m almost certain this too shall pass.

YOUR TURN: Did you watch last night’s episode of Mary Mary? Did you cry like I did? Be honest 🙂


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