Mary Mary Recap: Cloudy With a Chance of Pain

Faith will be tested in the most emotionally charged and intense season of WE TV’s MARY MARY,.

Did you guys see last night’s episode of Mary Mary? We all have our thoughts about how “reality” TV is not really reality, but Mary Mary’s onscreen authenticity should not be questioned. Last night Tina and Teddy let the cameras capture an extremely private moment, while Warren experienced an awkward encounter with Mitch. Find out why last night’s episode left me grinning from ear to ear, and anxious for more.

Never Can Say Goodbye

Okay. We get it. The entire Mary Mary clan is done with Mitch, but Erica is having a hard time letting go for whatever reason. Last night’s episode proved their trusted manager is kind of over it as well, as demonstrated when he said he wanted to hire someone else to hire the day-to-day affairs of Mary Mary. On top of that, Mitch also declined to meet with Erica’s solo manager in order for things to run smoothly between the Mary Mary and Erica Campbell brands. (Ummm who does that?) Things became even more awkward when Warren (Erica’s husband) checked Mitch for raising his voice at Erica. Oop. Let’s not do this anymore guys. Out with the old, in with the new, because this is getting a little played out.

And the Mommy of the Year Award Goes To…

Erica Campbell! We often hear how celebrities have a hard time balancing motherhood along with their careers, and sadly their babies end up being raised by a nanny. The Mary’s have been honest about this struggle. Last night Erica heard her daughter’s plea of how she always cries when her mother goes out of town. So what did Erica do? She took her baby out of town with her AND let Krista come on stage to sing with her. Awwwww… I love when Mommy’s get it right. also, did you guys peep the song Erica and Krista made up for each other? SO cute.

What’s Broken Can Be Fixed

It’s true, it’s true! Tina and her husband Teddy are proof. The last episodes have been pretty heartbreaking and awkward for audiences to witness. A cheating husband. A heartbroken woman. A family on the brink of separating. All while the entire world watches. However, last night seemed to turn over a new leaf for Tina and Teddy. Heading out of town for the Gospel Fest in Atlanta, Tina expressed to Teddy how hard it is for her to leave, fearing he may be tempted to be unfaithful again. But she had to do what she had to do. Well, while working out in her hotel room in ATL, guess who comes walking through the door with flowers in his hands? Teddy. He totally surprised her. I love it! Tina literally screamed for about a minute. Yep, they’re going to be just fine 🙂

I had a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with Tina! She discussed the infidelity that occurred in her marriage, a solo career, and even gave me marriage advice as I prepare to jump the broom. That conversation can be heard HERE. Enjoy!

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