Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Finale Reaction

Did you watch “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” last night?

I could lie and tell you I spent the evening reading a novel, but guilty as charged.

Not only was I sitting at rapt attention on the couch, I even had the nerve to have my man gaping at the ATL-based antics of Steebie J, Joseline, Scrappy and ‘nem.

But it was worth it. In fact, I’d call it a fitting end to a season more entertaining than “True Blood.” And I’m happy to see that the cast also has been more cognizant of the crazy stereotypes and imagery they are emitting into the atmosphere. There have been clear attempts to keep it classy…well, classier. K. Michelle has ceased flower bopping and champagne bottle baptizing anyone that disagrees with her and even made peace with former enemies from Carly Red to Rasheeda.

Mimi handled love interest Nikko as elegantly as one could handle a man who edited her out of his two-bit video made with a Super 8. The former cuckold even scored some points for girl power when she rebuffed her former flame Steebie J’s sexual advances after he bought her a very nice, eggshell-white luxury car. I got to my feet when she handed him back his rusty key after an indecent proposal.

I cannot pretend this is highbrow fare, but it is fun. And with it vanishing into the ether and “Love & Hip Hop: New York” waiting in the wings, I was left with some questions and a couple of musings. Do weigh in and share yours in comments below.

1.  Will Kirk redeem himself?

It took far too long, but finally Kirk came to realize the colossal mess he made of his life by cheating on his beautiful wife, Rasheeda, with what Traci would charitably describe as some popcorn h**es.”  He also is a fool for questioning her on the paternity of their unborn child.  But his attempt at redemption, some garish red balloons from Party City delivered in a van that looked like it was borrowed from Buffalo Bill in “Silence of the Lambs?” Try harder. Do better.

2.  Where do they get their lipstick?

I stopped counting the different colors, but there was at least one hot aqua and a grey lip in last night’s episode! Are these cosmetics or crayons, peeps?

3.  Is Benzino the devil?

He sometimes tries to put his castmates on the path of righteousness, i.e. reminding a rebellious Kirk he was married for the last few episodes, but most of the time, the Almighty RSO man seems to be involved in some straight mess. He, first of all, is the one who took the unhappily married man into the den of iniquity during the infamous weekend that caused Kirk his separation. (I don’t necessarily believe he didn’t know all those women would be in the vacation house.) Then, of course, he created that awful song and video “Smashed Da Homie” with a terrible Joseline doppelganger. Why ever go there if he and Stevie are supposed to really be friends? And his brief apologies for this betrayal, delivered alongside chocolates, seemed a lil’ insincere.  Joseline knew it, too. I think he’ll do some mess like this again.

4.  Life Partner Gang….Let’s not make this a thing.

Men, don’t get any damn ideas about side-stepping marriage with this silly new status. Dubbing your girlfriend “wifey” was bad enough as faux matrimony meant to keep someone secure without security. Do not add LPG to the list. Only Stevie J can get away with such shenanigans, and you saw what happened to him by episode’s end.

5.  Will Scrappy stop being a pup?

I was somewhat proud of Scrappy for standing up to Momma Dee for the mother of his children, though it is clearly too little, too late. Even though he made his plea that she learn to get along better with Erica for the sake of her granddaughter, Momma clearly was not trying to hear it. Once he exits rehab (which, frankly, appeared to be taking place in a college dorm), he will need to keep his paws on the situation if he hopes to make a change.

6.  Is Stevie J. not everything?

Whatever this man is making, double it. Though I detest his recent, ig’nant comments about Black women’s hair on VLAD TV and pretty much his behavior in relationships period, you cannot deny his seedy charm and humor. My favorite scene this season is when he LAID WASTE to Nikko’s awful video release party. Stevie came in there in all white like an attendee at a Diddy party, stole the spotlight from the host, presented Nikko’s girlfriend with a brand new car and accused the dude of buying her a fake Rollie. TV magic, I tell ya!

7.  Will Joseline ever learn?

Joseline, you snatched Steebie from Mimi, and it wasn’t hard because he’s not really about that relationship life. What makes her think she will be treated any better?  Hopefully, she will evolve, as Mimi has this season, and find someone else, though rumors abound that she and her LPG co-pilot got hitched in Puerto Rico.

8.  Do they ever get mad the show doesn’t play their music?

For a show about people in the industry, it’s odd that you only hear snippets of their actual work product. I’m not mad at the music they use, but frankly, I think that Carly, K, Joseline, Benzino, Scrappy and ‘nem need to say something about all that music being sold on the show that isn’t theirs. Though I’m not mad at not hearing “Smash Da Homie” in its entirety. Something tells me that isn’t something I should request in full.

Cannot wait for next season. Let me know what you thought about the last episode, the entire season and feel free to field the answers to any of my questions/musings. Also, early heads up that we may be in the market for reviewers of “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”  Stay tuned to this site and  follow us on @getjetmag for news on that front.