Lil P-Nut Talks ‘Haunted Hathaways,’ Music and More

Most 11-year-old’s biggest responsibilities are going to school, cleaning their room and watching Nickelodeon TV shows.

For Benjamin Flores Jr. or as we know him, Lil P-Nut, however, it’s going to school, cleaning his room and oh…starring in a Nickelodeon TV show!  But let him tell it, he’s still just a normal kid.

It was just a few years ago that the then 7-year-old little cutie rapped his way into our hearts and became a YouTube sensation practically overnight. After charming his way onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show and lending his voice to a rapping penguin in Happy Feet Two, Lil P-Nut proved that he was one to watch.

Now we can watch him on the small screen, as he stars in a new supernatural series on Nickelodeon called The Haunted Hathaways. The spooky comedy centers around a family who moved into a house only to find out that it was already occupied by another family–of ghosts! Lil P-Nut, alongside his ghostly father and brother, come together with their new housemates to form a blended family like we’ve never seen before.

On break from shooting The Haunted Hathaways, got a chance to catch up with Lil P-Nut to talk about the new show and how he landed the role. We chatted about everything from his awesome 11th birthday party to his favorite rappers to whether or not he gets the “star” treatment at school.

We also found out that despite having a hit TV show before even hitting puberty, Lil P-Nut is still extremely humble, respectful (as he called me “ma’am” throughout most of the interview) and wise beyond his years.  Needless to say, after this conversation, we have a feeling this little guy will be around for many more years to come.


JET: What are you going by these days? Is it Benjamin or can we still call you Lil P-Nut?
Lil P Nut: Yes, ma’am. I’m Lil P-Nut. Ain’t nothing changed.

JET: I heard you had a birthday over the summer. How old are you now Lil P-Nut?
Lil P Nut: I’m 11. Whew, that birthday party was so fun.

JET: Oh yeah? What did you do for your birthday?
Lil P Nut: We went bowling and after that we went and had a pool party. I had a lot of cakes and everything.

JET: It must be crazy at such a young age to have such a busy life. Do you ever get time to just be a kid?
Lil P Nut: Yes, ma’am. My dad and my mom always let me have my free time where I can play. When I’m not working, I can go to the swimming pool whenever I want. And I’m still like a kid.

JET: We know you mostly for your music. How did you get into acting and end up on The Haunted Hathaways?
Lil P Nut: The reason I got into acting was because I was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And next to her is the Happy Feet studios, it’s in Warner Brothers. So they wanted me to come over there and I was just kind of free styling. And like two weeks later they called and they were like, “Is it okay? We got this role for him in Happy Feet 2.” And we were like “Yeah! We’ll do the role!”  And so I came to LA. That was my first movie I did. And then I did another movie, Ride Along, with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Then I just did my show Haunted Hathaways. I auditioned and they found me on the Internet.

JET: How has it been shooting The Haunted Hathaways?
Lil P-Nut: Aw man. It’s fun. You don’t wanna leave that place. It’s so crazy. Me and the cast members, we’re all family. It’s like a family thing.

JET: Right. And your family on the show, you, your brother and your dad are ghosts. What do you like most about playing a ghost?
Lil P-Nut: All the special effects. They have us levitating. It’s so cool. You get to do a lot of stuff. You levitate, you fly, you prank people.

JET: Do you believe in ghosts in real life?
Lil P Nut: Ummm…I actually don’t.

JET: You’re an actor now, but I’m sure you still listen to a lot of music since that’s where you started. What do you think about the music that’s out today?
Lil P-Nut: They got a whole different style to it now. It’s more commercial than it is rap. Most rappers now, they just rap. They don’t…like Tupac, Eminem and all of those people, they tell stories. And now these rappers nowadays, just talking about *sings* I woke up in a new Bugatti.

JET: So who’s your favorite rapper right now?
Lil P-Nut: My favorite rapper is still Eminem. He’s always gonna be my favorite rapper. I’ve got some more favorite rappers. Eminem, Yo Gotti…oh! but I gotta put myself first!

JET: Which do you like better? Rapping or acting?
Lil P-Nut: I like both of them because it’s two different things. I love rapping because that’s what I started off doing and acting is a whole new thing for me. It’s interesting. I like both of them.

JET: I’m sure your acting has kept you very busy with shooting and everything. How do you balance school and your acting career? Are you home-schooled?
Lil P Nut: No, ma’am. I’m public schooled. My parents, they just wanna keep me humble. They just wanna keep me around a kid environment. They want me to be around kids.

JET: Do your classmates treat you any different or like your a celebrity?
Lil P-Nut: The first day I got there was crazy. I was walking and I looked back and I had like the whole school following me. And then I was eating my lunch and this girl ran up and she like dived on the lunch table. She asked me “You’re really from the Haunted Hathaways, aren’t you!?” Now everything’s all cool. They treat me like a normal person.

JET: So none of the kids are like running up asking for your autograph anymore?
Lil P-Nut: Actually that happened to me today at school. *laughs*

JET: What would you say to kids who want to pursue a acting or music career?
Lil P-Nut: I just want to tell them, don’t let nobody stop you from chasing your dreams. You always gotta believe in your dreams and it’s that one thing that’s gonna blow you up. So just keep dreaming. Be respectful. You gotta stay humble. And just keep going. Don’t let nothing stop you and pray! Pray. Pray all the time because God knows what’s right for you. And you know what else they need to do? They need to watch the Haunted Hathaways every Saturday, coming on at 8:30 [p.m. ET] on Nickelodeon!

JET: Does anyone ever tell you’re like an old soul or wise beyond your years?
Lil P-Nut: Yes, ma’am. I get that a lot. Everybody tells me “You’ve been here before!” “You’re so smart and respectful.” So, I’m used to it.

JET: Well it sounds like you’ve got some good parents at home raising you right.
Lil P-Nut: Yes, ma’am. I have the best father and best mother in the world. The best mom and dad I could ask for.

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