Kim Kimble’s Business Rules

Everyone isn’t going to be — or want to be for that matter — a superstar hair stylist. But a lot of folks can have thriving successful hair salons. If the former is your dream, there’s only one thing holding you back…and you’re staring at it in the mirror each day.

JET asks “L.A. Hair” star Kim Kimble, who opened up her first salon at 22 years old with $13,000 of her own hard-earned savings, to share tips on what it takes to start and grow a new beauty salon. Here are Kimble’s rules:

1. Decide to Be Successful. “Both of my parents were addicts and I could have easily gone down the wrong path, but my grandmother encouraged me and I stayed in church. Both helped me stay focused.”

2. Maintain a Good Reputation. “Be pleasant and professional. People would send me their friends because I delivered. I made sure the customer was happy…even if I had to start over.”

3. Stay Put. “Many stylists jump from salon to salon. How can you build if you are not stable?”

4. Keep Up Your Skills— and Tools. “I was always taking classes, learning and watching. You should be able to provide as many services as possible. The goal is to never let a potential client walk out of the door.”

5. Make Regular Bank Runs. “When I was starting out, every other day I’d go to the bank and deposit my money. Saving is key.”

6. Protect Yourself. “Invest in an accountant/business manager to handle payroll, taxes and licenses.”

7. Retail, retail, retail. “Selling product helps generate additional revenue and is a great service to the client.”