Jackie Christie Talks BBWLA

VH1’s hit series Basketball Wives is back for season three with more girls and even bigger drama. JET talks to series veteran Jackie Christie about what to expect from this latest mash-up, her daughter issues and more.

On Why She Came Back:

I’m totally dedicated to Basketball Wives L.A. I was there for season one and will hopefully be there through the long haul of the show. I believe in it and I feel like it’s a great platform for me to show what I’m about and inspire other women. I know we go through a lot of different things on the show and I enjoy being able to show there are lessons in everything.

On Her Business Ventures:

I love fashion. I showed my line at New York Fashion Week. Right now, I’m currently in production for Spring 2015. I have a team behind me because I wanted to come out globally. I was also approached by a huge company called Blink Cosmetics to create my own line and I already have an eye shadow out. I’m a producer. I have a movie called In the Land of Sex and Money that I’m currently getting funding for and casting so we can go into production late fall. I’m also doing a talk show–the format is two men and two women.

On Mending Fences With Her Daughters, Takari and Chantel:

I’m in a great place with my daughters–I actually thought I always was. But with kids, you can do the best you can as a parent, you can give them everything and be there for them and it still falls short of what their expectations are. I think my daughters have grown as well. I think a lot of what happened was about being a public figure. It was a lot of everybody else in their ear. They’ve apologized and I accepted it. I apologized for any role I played. I love them to death and they know it.

On Rumored Color and Weight Issues With Takari:

It’s never been an issue to me. My daughter is beautiful to me. When I married her dad, who is dark-skinned, I knew our children wouldn’t be light. I was also married to a White man, so I’m colorblind. That has never been anything to me. People in the public tried to put that out there. I didn’t get angry about it, I just reiterated that’s my daughter and I wouldn’t care if she was purple. She’s my baby. And as far as weight goes, that’s the furthest thing from my mind. I love my child. She’s gorgeous to me.

On Smothering Chantel:

We go through that on the show this season, where I’m trying to be her momager, and she’s like, “no, I have my team.” I learned I have to relax more. She’s dating and letting her go is difficult for me.  I’m there if she needs me but I’ve taken a step back.

On the New Additions to the Show:

It was great to shoot with these ladies. I feel like everyone should be able to get along. I feel like all of us bring something to the table. I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past. Sometimes I can’t fix everything. Sometimes if someone says something to me I used to feel like the group needed to hear it. Now I just stay out of it.  At the same time, I’m a leader and I try to lead by example now. You’re going to see a lot of different sides to me. You guys will cry and laugh with us. I think this show will open up everyone’s minds about who we are.

On Her Relationship With Draya:

I’ve always been a big sister. I have love for her. I’m proud of Draya and her accomplishments and I hope that I inspire her. But there have been mean things said that hurt other women. I am very proud to say that I’m in my forties, sexy, a mother, wife and businesswoman.  The comments she’s making about women and age are not cool. It’s disrespectful to all women.

On Mandating Fidelity:

I can speak to my situation and my man. The respect and commitment that we have for our marriage means we can assure each other that infidelity isn’t something we’d tolerate. There’s not another man walking that I want to be with. I think a lot of time with infidelity there’s something missing that the partner is not getting. A lot of the wives from football and basketball industries call me and we chat and I tell them to open the lines of communication. There is nothing my husband cannot tell me; there’s nothing I cannot tell him.  You have to demand your respect. You always want another individual to think twice about what they’re doing. On top of that, respect yourself. Your body is your temple. I’m not saying Doug is perfect. I’m not saying he would never do it.  I’m saying I’ve been married to him for 19 years. I know him and I know the truth. And if you know there is no reason to lie you can speak with a confidence. . Later in the show you’ll see my husband steps in and talk with my castmate’s fiancé. It’s amazing. Eyes will be opened and I think by the end of the season lives will be changed.


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