Recap: ‘I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding’

Wedding bells are ringing (again) for NeNe Leakes star of “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding.” Bravo’s new docu-series follows NeNe and Gregg Leakes as the couple prepares for their star-studded nuptials. In case you missed Tuesday’s season premiere, here are a few of the highlights:

Holla ‘We Want Pre-nups’

Now, I ain’t saying Gregg’s a gold digger. However, I regard NeNe’s demand for a pre-nup to be a smart business move on her part. As she explained on the show, she’s about to say “I do” to the same man she divorced. So she already knows how he fights in court. As her divorce lawyer mentioned, because she was divorced before, there is a chance of them divorcing again. This is a good way to protect herself should anything go downhill…again.

The Brady Bunch

Once upon a time, before Gregg fell in love with a stripper…ahem, NeNe…he’d been married for 20 years and had five children, whom he doesn’t seem to want to mix with his new family. NeNe, however, is determined to blend the families a la The Brady Bunch, so much so that she even drags Gregg to counseling with Dr. Jeff Gardere. Gregg is resistant from the get-go because, as NeNe puts it, “he believes Black folks don’t go to counseling, they go to church.”

Nevertheless, the couple finds themselves in the doctor’s office. NeNe wants Gregg to talk to his kids and reinforce she wasn’t to blame for their parents’ split…and rightfully so. But Gregg ain’t feeling it! He shuts “the little guy with glasses” down several times and refuses to acknowledge why he hasn’t tried to bring the families together. What gives, Gregg?

Daddy Issues

When NeNe made her first trip down the aisle in 1996, her father, Curtis, was right there by her side. But for trip numero dos, NeNe doesn’t want her daddy to give her away. As you may recall, it was revealed Curtis isn’t Nene’s biological father on RHOA.

During a meal with her Uncle Mel (her father’s brother), NeNe extends an olive branch to Curtis, who has been avoiding her calls, and asks him to attend the wedding. She also notes some similarities between Curtis and Gregg: they’re both stubborn and have communication issues, especially when it comes to their kids.

Only time will tell if Gregg opens up about the past, but one thing is clear: NeNe isn’t having any funny business this time around!