Hair Tips With Malinda Williams

Many people know Malinda Williams as an actress and the co-host of Aspire’s new talk show, Exhale. But the pixie cut donning beauty is also a licensed beautician. JET asks the stunner to give her best tips on taking care of your hair:

1. Light Isn’t Right: If you elect to color relax hair, refrain from lightening it to blonde. It makes the hair brittle, which causes breakage. Add a pop of color with darker hues. It has two great effects. First, it  reflects light so it makes it looks shinier. Second, it gives it a thicker look and adds more depth.

2. Conditioner is Key: When I relax my hair, I condition it before I put in the neutralizing shampoo. Doing it this way allows for deeper penetration of the conditioner. Afterward, I shampoo and rinse with cool water to close the hair follicles. It also makes your hair have a great shine. So, relax, condition, then neutralize.

3. Try New Products: I recently tried Curls Unleashed foam, it comes in a pink and white bottle. It’s for natural hair, but did a great job as a wrapping lotion for my relaxed hair. It was set and shiny. Now I use it all the time. We often think that natural hair products don’t work in relaxed hair, but sometimes they do.

4. Moisturize with Ease: When it comes to keeping hair naturally glowing and moisturized without feeling weighed down, I recommend one product: Argan oil. Argan oil is ideal for sheen. It’s really thin and not heavy. It’s great.

5. Heating Things Up: When it comes to hair curling tools, ceramic is the ways to go. I also always suggest 4oo degrees and lower for curling temperature.

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