Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas Share Love Advice

The relationship between Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey and her husband,  Peter Thomas, has always been a public matter. Their latest collaboration, Carry on Baggage: Our Non-Stop Flight, is a memoir on the evolution of their relationship.  Much like on their reality show, the book tells the bare-knuckle truth about the duo’s unique path to love.

The Baileys are proof that true commitment can conquer drama, so we asked them to give advice for other reality star couples whose love has endured multiple visits to the ER.


Tamar Braxton  & Vincent Herbert

Peter Says: I have known Vince for for more than 20 years and anything that comes their way, they will be okay.

Cynthia Says: I don’t know that there’s always a red flag when a couple argues. Everyone needs a good argument now and then. They are both really strong and have great values. I think they will always come together on things that matter.


Tiffney Cambridge & The Game  —

Peter Says: I think she is extremely controlling and it is either her way or no way. She critiques him on everything. My advice is that  nothing is perfect and let it go.

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Buruss & Todd Tucker —

Peter Says: If they really want to make it work, they must keep all third parties out of the relationship. The union is between them. Keep everyone else out of your business.

Cynthia Says: I agree, but it’s not always that cut and dry, especially when the third party is your mother, who she is very close to. I suggest that Kandi do what makes her happy. Her mother has lived her life and she has to live hers.