Clothes-Minded: Fashion Queens Are Back!

All hail the Fashion Queens!  Bravo TV is bringing back the spicy, tell-it-like-it–is celebrity fashionistas for a second season premiering this Sunday. The colorful, opinionated trio promises to hold no punches dishing on celebrity fashion.

“We are coming back with a vengeance… both guns blazing… pedal to the medal!  We got our groove back, like Stella,” says the show’s host Bevy Smith, who is the noted go-to gal for on-air and social media commentary on pop culture, entertainment and fashion.

Lawrence Washington (aka Miss Lawrence)  and Derek J also host the show. The trendsetting celebrity hairstylists and fierce fashionistas made their debut as the comic relief and juicy gossip queens of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“We are a fresh show, we don’t even know what is going to come out of our mouth” said Miss Lawrence.

The threesome is bringing back its hilarious segments including “Reading Room,” the infamous “Gag Award” and adding to their own fashion lexicon, which already includes popular phrases, such as “throwing shade” (acting funny) and give the “tea”  (juicy gossip).

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of New York City traffic, the three queens dished on all things fashion:

What would viewers be surprised to know about you?  

“I’m shy,” admits Bevy Smith, who is noted for her “Dinner With Bevy” events.

“I like to stay at home and watch the Cartoon Network,” says Derek J, who owns Atlanta’s premiere styling emporiums, The J Spot.

“And  I’m a boring church lady,” adds Miss Lawrence.

What fashion trends do you like/dislike this season?

“I’m loving the chunky heel right now, Fendi did an exquisite one…that I am really excited about,” says Smith. “On the contrary: I’m ready for the jumpsuit to go away. A lot of people are wearing it as a romper.  It can be really beautiful when structured, but now it’s looking a little lazy.”

What are your key fashion tips?

“Ladies get your foundation garment, that is the starting point for your look,” advises Smith. “Secondly, know your body… everything that is on  trend will not work for you. There are lots of architectural and asymmetrical looks from Balenciaga right now… as a curvy girl, I’m not even going to attempt that look.”

For hair, Miss Lawrence feels passionate about women not wearing extensions that are “curled to look like their grandma’s curtains.”

“Everyone went weave crazy and thinks their hair will look like Kim Kardashian,” says Miss Lawrence. “Even if they died and were born again, their hair will never look like hers.”

When it comes to hair, Derek J feels as though women should invest in an expert.

“Women should stop doing their hair,” says the fashionista. “Just because you like it, doesn’t mean it works for you!”

These fashion queens hold their own and may have some surprise guests this season, but have made it clear that there is only space for three on the throne.

One thing’s for sure, according to these queens you won’t hear their heels clicking in Barneys.

“We will not support a store that profiles people who look like us,” states Smith.

These queens mean business. Rest your Louboutins on the couch and stay tuned! Season two of Fashion Queens premieres this Sunday, November 3 at 11:30/10:30c!