Chef Roble Dishes on Dating

Last season on Bravo’s hit series 
Chef Roblé & Co., star Roblé Ali was spoken for. But no more. Viewers tuned in this summer to follow the dating exploits of the recently single culinary chef. JET asked the confirmed bachelor to dish on his best and worst dating experiences.  Find out what Chef Roblé dishes on dating…

1. Amateur Night 

“I prepared fettuccine Alfredo the first time I cooked for a lady. I was in culinary school then. But I’d never do that now. It is good, but it also gives you the ’itis.”

2. Rude Boy 

“I brought a date to a house party and she was just not interacting with anybody. The next day my friends told me I hadn’t paid her any attention— but she was boring. I felt so bad about it.”

3. First 

“I really liked this 
girl in sixth grade and I know she liked me, too. But she started going out with my best friend because he was more aggressive. I’m not a hater though; I had never told him, ‘she’s off limits.’”

4. Best 
Night Ever 

“My favorite date 
was with a girl who had an amazing personality. We bar-hopped and had a meaningful
 conversation for 
hours at four different places in Manhattan.”

5. Pucker Up 

“I was about 15 
when I had my first kiss. I crashed another school’s dance with my date and just 
went for it. It was a 
lot of fun.”

6. Deal-Breaker 

“Showing up dis
respectfully late… anything over 15 minutes is bad. Twenty minutes is really pushing it, but 30 minutes? It’s over.”