5 Things: Tasha Smith

Tasha Smith, the star of Tyler Perry’s hit series For Better or Worse, talks making Hollywood moves, and life before, and after, marriage.

Biggest Fear Confronted…

I used to fear that I wouldn’t be able to support myself. I was evicted as a kid and I had to realize that would not happen in my adult life. I was obsessed with my failure. I had to realize that I am not in the same place I was as a child.  I’m not in Camden, New Jersey and I’m not going to allow myself, to hold myself back.

Why Did I Get Married….

I fell completely in love with my husband (Keith Douglas) because he nurtured and accepted me, which made me feel protected. It was for the first time I was able to feel transparent with someone and communicate my greatness as well as my flaws. He is my best friend and we’ve been together for five years. There are no secrets.

I Felt Like a Star When…

I still feel as though I have not arrived. I’m still working hard and I have more goals that I want to reach. But when I got my first big television role, it was on Boston Common, I felt like I made it a little bit. I was on NBC and I was so excited. When I got that job, I felt that I was going to put my all into this industry.


Tisha Campbell-Martin, hands down. We have been best buds since I was 16 years old, so we’ve been riding together for a while. Tisha and I have been through the test of time. Having a close friend through all these years —with marriages and children— she is beyond a friend, but more like a sister. We meet people that are friends and those people drift away in your life for different reasons. You don’t know who will be in your life forever. I have full confidence that we will be friends forever and there is nothing that can change that blessing.

Favorite Memory With my Twin (Sidra)…

Oh wow! Probably when we were in our teens and we went to Milan, Italy. She was modeling and before I knew it she had an apartment and friends. She was working at a place she loved and everything was magical. We were touring through Italy together. It was amazing and that is a huge memory that we share.

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