5 THINGS: Pooch Hall

The former star of BET’s The Game Pooch Hall chats about his knockout role on Showtime’s hit series, Ray Donovan and more:

1. Finally Fam0us

“I feel like I was already on my way, but now I’m on my way,” Hall says of landing the role with the big-time cable network. “In all honesty, I thought there’s no way they’ll use me for that. They’re going to get Tyrese, or Usher or Anthony Mackie.”

2. The Game Plan

“I still wanted to be over there (on BET),” he says. “For the record, I wasn’t fired, I didn’t quit or walk away. There’s a thing in Hollywood called contracts, and legal stuff that has to be worked out. When my contract ended we came to a place where we were at a crossroads. My team sent me out and I booked Ray Donovan really quickly. When I told the executives at BET that I got the new show. negotiations just stopped; it was crickets.”

3. Hand Skills

“My father didn’t want us boxing in the streets, so my brother and I were really in the gym as kids. I was a Golden Gloves champion,” the Brockton, Mass. native shares.

4. Let the Force Be With You

“Watching Star Wars as kid I remember thinking somewhere out there, there is a world like this,” the 36-year-old says when asked what piqued his interest in acting.” I thought light sabers were the coolest thing. It was about the make believe and how fun it could be.”

5. Figure It Out

“I was really into super heroes as kid,” the action figure collector shares. “I came up on The Hulk, Superman and Batman. My collection  is big. I stopped going to Toys R Us and I order them from Japan now. I’m about to get The Hulk from The Avengers — it’s about $500. But I’m not buying cars or jewelry or gambling. I love toys. That’s my thing.”