Tune In: New York Undercover “Unsung”

Courtesy: Fox Handout


On Wednesday night, TV One is paying homage to one of my favorite cop shows of all time and that’s saying a lot because I’m a fan of “Homicide: Life On the Streets,” “NYPD Blue,” “Law & Order,” “Miami Vice” (shouts to Tubbs!) and all of that.  But one show has a special place on my procedural pedestal: “New York Undercover.”

You remember it, right?  The drama starred JET fave Malik Yoba  (“J.C. Lewis”) with Michael DeLorenzo (“Eddie Torres”) as tough cops in a deep bromance in the heart of the titular city.

The show– known for pulsating hip-hop soundtrack, exhilirating street chases, crazed criminals and even some beautiful romances or two– was a hit when it launched in the mid-90s.  Here are my five reasons for having a serious crush on this TV classique.

1. That Music Tho

Every dang time this show started, and I do mean every dang time, the music was the hotness!  Even the theme could inspire a freestyle attempt.

2. #GreatBlackDad

Watching J.C. do an amazing job raising his adorable son put an image on TV that was sorely needed. The single father, for all his bravado, was sensitive and kind to his progeny.  We need to see more of that on TV right now.  Yes, “Dre” is killing it with his father-knows-best approach on black-ish, but Lucious Lyons is the worst father ever.

3. Multiculturalism

Everyone’s falling all over the place because we have (at the moment) a promising amount of Black talent on the small screen: The Carmichael Show, Empire, Scandal, black-ish, Underground, just to name a few.  But this scrappy show  made history and embraced multiculturalism in an organic and awesome way.  We have our Black cop, his Puerto Rican partner, a female lieutenant and that was just for starters.  The show looked like America, only more photogenic.

JET New York Undercover Cover

4. The Griminess

Coming after the pastel ultra violence of “Miami Vice” and preceding the bleak, but engrossing world of “The Wire,” this program offered an unflinching look at a metropolis filled with no-goodniks.  And it did a damn good job of setting the scene.

5. MCM Material

#ManCrushMonday didn’t exist back then, but if it had Yoba and DeLorenzo would have been in all the timelines.  Their level of cool, athleticism, wise cracks and brotherhood are still memorable today.  A look at their beautiful friendship in action.

Are you going to watch this “Unsung?” Me too! Tune in at 8 p.m. EST on TVOne. We might have to chat about this on Twitter together via @thekylesfiles.