When Trump Was Elected, FLOTUS Did This…

Donald Trump is circulating the Interwebs again after TIME coined him “Person of The Year”.

But while Trump is sucking up every bit of the talk and attention, there’s still numerous people hitting the snooze button in his shenanigans. One in particular chose to get some shut eye as “The Donald” became president-elect.

That person? First Lady Michelle Obama.

During an interview with People magazine, where she and President Barack Obama grace the cover of their December issue, FLOTUS dished on her distaste for “political discourse.”

Unlike many who fought through the anticipation while biting nails or coddling a bottle of wine or hard liquor, others turned the lights down low and hoped for the best when morning light hit.

However, the First Lady’s decision to sleep during the election didn’t come out of malice. In the interview, she admitted that her lack of interest existed even when her husband had to go through the process.

“I barely did with him,” she stated in reference to President Obama’s two presidential campaigns.

So, if you were looking for ill-intentional drama…nothing to see here folks.

Read the full interview, here.