Trina Sued For $50 Million After Ditching Appearance

By// Mariah Craddick

Miami rapper Trina has been sued for $50 million in damages for allegedly pulling out of an agreement to appear as a judge for an event called America’s Next Top Rapper, according to Courthouse News Service.

Queens-based media company, Omnipresent Media, and Lawrence “Amar” Wright filed the suit against the emcee, her managing agent Rarebreed Entertainment, its principal Josh Burke, the state of Florida, and J Ego Entertainment and Nunoise Travel.

According to the suit, Trina agreed to judge the competition which promised aspiring rappers the opportunity to win $20,000, a distribution deal with Universal, a production team, and more. Trina and her team apparently failed to send promotional videos so that the company could promote the event.

Omnipresent alleges that the rapper and her management team then asked for more money and that the taping not be publicly broadcasted. The media company was also asked to over her travel expenses, which they agreed to though she still didn’t provide the promotional videos.

Due to her breach of contract, Omnipresent says they were forced to arrange for a substitute artist to appear. The company claims that Trina’s failure to appear caused some guests “to become unruly and heckle competition participants, yelling, in sum and substance, that Trina was not present” with many demanding refunds.