Trina Braxton Talks About Her Marriage, Music

Toni Braxton, center, and her sisters, from left, Towanda, Traci, Trina and Tamar pose for a portrait in New York, Monday, April 4, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes)

By// Mariah Craddick

Trina Braxton recently chatted with CocoaFab about season three of Braxton Family Values, her relationship with hubby Gabe, and whether Tamar is expecting a little one soon…or not.

Check out a few excerpts:

On what fans can expect:
In season 3 you get to see a more intimate look at my life. You get to really see my children and you get to see me not just being the party girl. You see the entrepreneurial side of me and me being a real parent.

On the status of her relationship with Gabe:
As with any marriage or relationship, there are ups and downs. We continue to make progress and to learn about each other and take it one day at a time. We love each other though. Having our relationship out there for the world to see has its pros and its cons sometimes.  The con portion of is that when you expose yourself you open yourself up to everyone else’s ideas and opinions. One of the things you have to do is just eat the fish and throw out the bones…

On what will shock viewers this season:
We have a real, true and honest sisterhood and that comes with a whole lotta stuff. Just like any other family we have our fights and not talking to each other and yelling it out. We have those crazy moments and those loving moments too. You’ll get a more intimate look at us now.

On the rumors that Tamar is expecting:
Well, I don’t know. It’s not my bun so I can’t say. [Laughing] We’ll just have to see, now won’t we…

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