Rapper Trill Sammy Gets Nasty Surprise During Performance

Trill Sammy
Trill Sammy

Uh oh… Do we detect another MC beef cooking? Houston rapper Trill Sammy recently got his chain snatched by an eager fan gold enthusiast random crowd member during a concert in Greensboro, North Carolina on Thursday night.

According to “sources” (read: the Innernetz) the culprit is local rapper Lito Bandz.

After the incident, Trill Sammy was seen in videos accompanied by an entourage traveling around the concert venue looking for those responsible in order to retrieve the stolen goods. No word on how everything has turned out since, but let’s hope that everything was settled as amicably as possible. We doubt it, though, based on this footage.

Oh, wait. Have no idea who Trill Sammy is (it’s okay, we wont judge you), check out his music via Soundcloud.