Trevor Noah, Joke Thief?

After being tapped to host The Daily Show, folks just can’t stop talking about comedian Trevor Noah. The South African comic has made headlines since last week’s announcement that he would be replacing Jon Stewart, and the gossip has not been rosy.

First, there was the Twitter backlash in response to questionable tweets fired off by Noah. Now, he’s being accused of stealing jokes.

Canadian comedian and actor Russell Peters launched the accusation during an appearance on Channel NewAsia’s In Conversation With Lun Xueling.

“He [Noah] is also a thief above it all,” Peters said during the interview. “He has stolen material from [comedian] David Kau, he’s stolen material from myself, you know, whatever — that’s his gig now. Congratulations.”

After being asked if the jokes may have been “borrowed,” Peters doubled down on his accusation. “You don’t borrow in this business. If you’re a comedian, it’s just stealing somebody’s underwear and putting it on, it just doesn’t make sense.”

Noah has yet to respond. It seems like his big break is why he just can’t seem to catch a break.