Trevor Noah: The Applause and The Scrutiny

As quick as the applause comes, scrutiny abounds soon after.

How unfortunate, in some cases.

Following the announcement that South-African comedian Trevor Noah will be taking over The Daily Show, the digging began causing people to question whether he will be suitable for the nightly spot.

Upon the “Trevor Noah Scavenger Hunt” (sarcastically speaking), Salon published a piece predicting that the new host would cause a right-winged frenzy because “conservative critics have a practiced, double-speaking method of piling on the heat on figures who stand out because of their race or gender or sexuality.”

A few of Noah’s throwback tweets also began to float and don’t exactly display the comedian in an embracing light:

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.32.48 PM

Satirical comedy is raw and guaranteed to hit nerves along the way, but as a comedian, is one ever out of “character” or expressing their true beliefs on social media?

It’s tricky. Should people take into account the profession of a person when determining whether or not he/she is joking or expressing true views?

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